ANTHRO #7: Reviews index

Fred Patten A Doemain of Our Own, by Susan Rankin

The first offline collection of Rankin’s celebrated webcomic

Fred Patten Volle & Pendant of Fortune, by Kyell Gold

Not for children: A pair of well-written novels, heavy on homoeroticism

Fred Patten Creatura, by Paul Lucas

And hundreds of years after humanity became extinct…

Fred Patten Fangs of K’aath II: Guardians of Light, by Paul Kidd

More tales of the (furry) Arabian Nights

Fred Patten Milk Treading & The Kitty Killer Cult, by Nick Smith

One part Watership Down, one part The Big Sleep, press for purée

Fred Patten Dragon Champion, by E. E. Knight

The opening volume in a saga in which dragons are an endangered species

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