ANTHRO #12: Reviews index

 Fred Patten Animal Farm, by George Orwell

The classic anthropomorphic novel by the author of 1984

 Fred Patten The early years of Ozy and Millie, by D. C. Simpson

Four Ozy and Millie collections: Prehistrionics (1997-2000); The Big Book of Ancient, Semi-Coherent Wisdom (2000-2001); Zen Again (2001-2002); and Perpetual Motion (2002-2003)

 Fred Patten Under the Lemon Tree, by Ralph E. Hayes, Jr.

The complete run of Hayes’ most personal webcomic

 Fred Patten Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, by David Petersen

Three mice whose paths you really don’t want to cross

 Fred Patten The Prisoner’s Release, by Kyell Gold

The seed of Gold’s novels Volle and Pendant of Fortune

 Fred Patten Song of the Crow, by Layne Maheu

A retelling of the best-known story of Divine genocide

 Fred Patten Mus of Kerbridge, by Paul Kidd

Back in print: The tale of a swashbuckling mouse

 Fred Patten Dragon Avenger, by E. E. Knight

Book Two of Knight’s Age of Fire trilogy

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