ANTHRO #12: Table of contents


Fork in the Road / Part 1 of 3
by Michæl W. Bard
Any frontier (especially out in orbit) is a moving target

Running Wild / Day 4, As Plain as the Nose on Your Muzzle
by Cougar and Long
[TBP] Must the road to recovery be paved with pain?

Blood Bonds / Part 2 of 2
by Tony Greyfox
You can’t choose your relatives—just what you’ll do about them

White Ministrant
by Carmen Welsh
The past is never as dead as you think


Heart Beat
by Sage Emberwulf
When the heat of the blood is rising…


Through the Looking-Glass
by Michæl W. Bard
Horse Runs Free! Film at 11: Coming out of the closet

Down the Rabbit Hole
by guest writer Kris Schnee
Doing it Backwards: A few words on a time-honored storytelling trick

Reality Soundbites
by Keith Morrison
This is the Way the World Begins (part 4): A survey of sentient species


From the Editor’s Maw
by Quentin Long
Keeping it Real: Why you don’t really want Realism


Zebra Girl
by Joe England
And So the Beginning Ends

Castle Horsetooth
by Oren Otter & Eala Dubh
The plot-threads weave ever closer


Fred Patten reviews…

Animal Farm
The classic anthropomorphic novel by the author of 1984

The early years of Ozy and Millie
Four Ozy and Millie collections: Prehistrionics (1997-2000); The Big Book of Ancient, Semi-Coherent Wisdom (2000-2001); Zen Again (2001-2002); and Perpetual Motion (2002-2003)

Under the Lemon Tree
The complete run of Ralph E. Hayes, Jr.’s most personal webcomic

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
Three mice whose paths you really don’t want to cross

The Prisoner’s Release
The seed of Kyell Gold’s novels Volle and Pendant of Fortune

Song of the Crow
A retelling of the best-known story of Divine genocide

Mus of Kerbridge
Back in print: The tale of a swashbuckling mouse

Dragon Avenger
Book Two of Knight’s Age of Fire trilogy


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