ANTHRO #13: Table of contents


Fighting the Change
by Michæl W. Bard
[WoC] When the world changes, some things remain the same

Fork in the Road / Part 2
by Michæl W. Bard
Transfer of power is a dirty business

Running Wild / Day 5, Feline 101
by Cougar and Long
[TBP] “This above all: To thine own self be true”—but what if you don’t know your own self?

Within the Wheel of Wickedness
by Sean M. Foster
Pity the truly superior person in a land of degenerates

Bank Robbery
by Bret Jordan
Bleakwood, Texas is a town full of mighty fine people, it surely is

by Slyford T. Rabbit
Life was never what Austin made it… until now


Terry Never Came Back
by Slyford T. Rabbit
He’s not missing—you are


Through the Looking-Glass
by Michæl W. Bard
Fursuiting Arrives!: The next stage of the Bard’s quest

Down the Rabbit Hole
by Phil Geusz
A Tale of Two Cons: Big or small, it’s all good—but not in the same way

Reality Soundbites
by Keith Morrison
This is the Way the World Begins (part 5): On myth, Marx, and magic

The Red King’s Dream
by Wanderer Werewolf
Knights and ‘Shining’ Armor: Adding a bit of Reality to a common schema


What Dreams May Come
Quentin Long interviews David Lillie


From the Editor’s Maw
by Quentin Long
Thinking Makes It So: What do you mean, ‘the narrator was wrong’?


Zebra Girl
by Joe England
Why, Yes, It Is an Intermission

by John Prengaman, Jr.
Enter: The Cougar


 Dronon reviews…

Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox
A good kitsune story, Korean style (animated film)

Craig Hilton reviews…

What is this thing called ‘reality’—and how do you know?

Fred Patten reviews…

Watership Down
The furry classic by Richard Adams
DreamKeepers. Vol. 1
They don’t know us—but they guard us at our most vulnerable
Travels of Thelonious, Book 1
When all the humans are gone, what happens next?
Three Bags Full
Perhaps the first animal-detective story with cats sheep
Black Dogs—Part One
She lost her House, but found something that just might be better
We the Underpeople
An excellent collection from an author every fan should read
Joined in Mind and Body
Furries in space, with a male Mary-Sue
Cat Pay the Devil
The 12th (and latest) in the Joe Grey series


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