ANTHRO #14: Reviews index

 Fred Patten Tailchaser’s Song, by Tad Williams

The classic feline novel that opened the door for so many others

 Fred Patten Digger Vol. 3, by Ursula Vernon

The collected latest adventures of Vernon’s wombat hero

 Fred Patten Yo Momma, by Bill Holbrook

The twelfth Kevin & Kell collection

 Fred Patten White Crusade, by Ben Goodridge

A violent, gory, and furry rendition of Mad Max

 Fred Patten The Pig Who Saved the World, by Gryllus the Pig, by Paul Shipton

You want next door, Guv’nor—I already saved the world, right?

 Fred Patten Code Name: Hunter. File 0, The Breaking of the Seal, by Darc and Gyrfalcon

How magic is re-introduced to a modern (furry) world

 Fred Patten Petal Storm, by Paul Kidd

Intrigue in a beehive with two Queens-to-be

 Fred Patten Swordbird, by Nancy Yi Fan

A better novel than most 12-year-old authors could manage

 Fred Patten Transmutation NOW!, by Phil Geusz

One way of getting to a truly furry world

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