ANTHRO #16: Reviews index

 Fred Patten Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach

One of the novels which defined the 1970s

 Fred Patten Closer to the Void: Ozy and Millie, 2006-2007, by D. C. Simpson

The latest Ozy and Millie collection

 Fred Patten A Marriage of Insects, by Bard Bloom

The first World Tree RPG novel

 Fred Patten New Technicolor Dreams, by Will A. Sanborn

The best stories by one of furdom’s favorites

 Fred Patten Kockroach, by Tyler Koch

An interesting reversed take on furriness?

 Fred Patten A Doemain of Our Own, Vol. 2: Shift Happens, by Susan Rankin

Rankin’s second A Doemain of Our Own collection

 Fred Patten The Hero, by Teiran

An adequate fantasy tale with sex scenes

 Fred Patten The Cat Master, by Bonnie Pemberton

A decent cat story for young adults

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