Everything in ANTHRO #18

All the stories in ANTHRO #18
Just One Story
Lida Broadhurst
Prodigal Son
Phil Geusz
Starting Over
by Christian O’Kane
The Last Miranda
Bill ‘Hafoc’ Rogers
Exotic Pet
James Steele

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All the comics in ANTHRO #18
Zebra Girl
Joe England
John Prengaman, Jr.

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All the interviews in ANTHRO #18
Behind the Sofa
Phil Geusz

All the reviews in ANTHRO #18

The Aphorisms of Kherishdar

the Jacques and Cleo: Cat Detectives series
DreamKeepers: Flight to Starfall

A Taste for Rabbit

The Heir of Mistmantle

Whortle’s Hope

Time to Smell the Roses

Fred Patten

All the columns in ANTHRO #18
Through the Looking-Glass
Michæl W. Bard
Down the Rabbit Hole
Phil Geusz
Reality Soundbites
Keith Morrison
The Red King’s Dream
Wanderer Werewolf

ANTHRO library: A compendium of all furry reference works

The editorial matter in ANTHRO #18
From the Editor’s Maw
Quentin Long