Everything in ANTHRO #32

All the stories in ANTHRO #32
Battle of the Bee Tree
Phil Geusz
New Coyote / part 7
 Michæl Bergey
The John Moschitta School of Elocution / part 3 / TBP
Quentin Long

All the poetry in ANTHRO #32
Five Haiku
by Cubist

All the comics in ANTHRO #32
Zebra Girl
Joe England
John Prengaman, Jr.

All the fact articles in ANTHRO #32
The Furry Novel That Nobody Has Read
by Fred Patten

Index to all of ANTHRO’s interviews

All the reviews in ANTHRO #32
Roar, Vol. 3

Kitty Goes to War
Monster Hunter Alpha

Mr. Limpet
The Alien Dark
Fred Patten

All the columns in ANTHRO #32
Down the Rabbit Hole
Phil Geusz
Reality Soundbites
Keith Morrison

ANTHRO library: A compendium of all furry reference works

The editorial matter in ANTHRO #32
From the Editor’s Maw
Quentin Long