by Laura L. Hill
©2011 Laura L. Hill

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A great cave bear hides deep in a summit
In terror wrought by the waters that fountain
And rise in floods around every creature.
Mother Earth groans with her cycle, a marvel
That boils poison from the pores of deep abyss
And rends holes through the fabric of heaven.

Over bleak desolation fly ravens in heaven,
Mud and rock flash down each summit,
Silt fills the gills of fish in the abyss,
No where can be found a clear flowing fountain.
The land rends to carve out each new marvel,
Disrupts the cycle of each Earth creature.

Damp and sodden, cries rise from each creature
And reverberate up to the Hall of Heaven,
Their spirits to meld with each Earth marvel.
The great cave bear claws the walls in his summit,
His bawls echo through the cave of the fountain
That floods Earth from the core beneath the abyss.

On their backs float behemoths of the abyss
And dinosaurs in herds or as a lone creature
Lay buried in mud flushed by Earth's fountain.
Yet a feast still for the black birds of heaven
As they feed on the corpses on each summit.
With all cries now faint, they are a dismal marvel.

Of the cycle as it spews from the abyss.
Skeletons lay in valleys beneath their summit
Until the stark white bones of each creature
Lays bare under the memory of Heaven.
Mother Earth is flushed clean by the fountain.

And from desolation now springs a fountain
Of life, a bouquet flush with each new marvel
Set to dance beneath the vault of heaven,
Swim in fresh and salt the waters' of the abyss,
Vigor to each scaled, furred or feathered creature
That lairs on each plain, valley or summit.

From each summit bubbles a fountain,
Every creature aglow with their marvel
From great abyss depths to the heights of heaven.

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