by Cubist
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It started slowly and gradually
  With the occasional exotic hairdo.
Well, I didn’t really notice. Or mind.
Because a hairdo, that’s fashion.
  And fashion comes and goes,
   But you always need
      A decent pair of shoes.

Then came the funny contact lenses
  That look like cat’s eyes or whatever.
Some kind of new procedure, I hear.
My cousin Sol, the optometrist,
  He didn’t care for the eye thing.
    But me? Well, like I said:
      Everyone needs good shoes.

And, my God, the all-over hair transplants
  Like on the head but matching all-over!
So my niece Becky, she’s a seamstress,
Her business has fallen off, bad.
  She’s family, so I’m helping out.
    Which I can, ’cause my shoes?
      I can’t keep ’em in stock.

My brother Isaac, him with the deli,
  Freshest cold cuts in the entire county
(Not to mention the widest selection)?
He’s making out like a bandit.
  And he’s expanding—franchise plans.
    Well, that’s Isaac. For me
      One shoe store is enough.

And then they started in with the tails
  And not so much with the pants any more.
Becky saw the writing on the wall
So I took her on as an apprentice.
  She sewed cloth, now it’s leather,
    And between you and me
      Her shoes, they outsell mine.

This latest thing, it’s starting to worry me.
  I mean, people pasting leather to their feet?
And hooves, yet! It just isn’t natural.
Isaac just called me about job openings…
  Well, I like making shoes!
    But he’s done good by Sol,
      So maybe I should accept.

Home -=- #30 -=- ANTHRO #30 Poetry
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