by Cubist
©2007 Cubist

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We haven’t a clue
   About what we now do,
But that’s why we decided to do it!
We’re splicing up genes—
   But please, don’t make a scene;
They’re all safe in this Erlenmayer cruet.

There’s so many features
   Of God’s other creatures
That humans could find beneficial;
But where do they hide
   In the nucleotides?
Thus, our genetic search interstitial.

To outlive a tortoise,
   Or dive like a porpoise,
Or grow back lost limbs, like a lizard;
To have the keen eyes
   Of an eagle—how nice!
As Brits say, “Now, that would be wizard.”

There’s just A, C, T, G:
   How hard can it be
To find out where Trait X’s code lives—
Then give Trait X a home
   In the human genome?
Well, we’ll do it—no ‘but’s, ‘and’s, or ‘if’s.

Oh, the usual crowd
   Of nay-sayers abound.
But we’ll succeed, never you fear!
We’ve made great progress
   And we’re ready to test
It on humans. Care to volunteer?

Home -=- #14 -=- ANTHRO #14 Poetry
-= ANTHRO =-