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   ANTHROlogy is, of course, the paperback version of the magazine you’re reading now. It’s the Anthro stories, art, columns, reviews, poems, and interviews you already know and love—just printed on paper rather than glowing on your screen! There’s no question that the Internet has its virtues… but those virtues are, at times, accompanied by a host of other cyber-annoyances, including spam emails, viruses, slow downloading, and advertising popups, among (far too many) others.
   Buy ANTHROlogy, and you can enjoy the magazine anywhere and any time there’s light to read by. This means you won’t need to worry about how much power is left in your machine’s battery, or where the closest wall socket is. Heck, you can even read it in the bathtub—try that with your average laptop, if you dare! And even better, the book is absolutely guaranteed to not inflict the kind of eyestrain that comes with reading text on a comparatively low-resolution computer display.
   ANTHROlogy is an annual publication. Each year, we’ll assemble pretty much everything that appeared in the magazine’s latest six issues; wrap it up in an specially-commissioned original cover; and make it available to you, our loyal readers, through ANTHRO Press.

Holly Ann
Lucius Appaloosius
Bonnie Callahan
Cayenne Doubletree
G. Howell
Nicole Riley

Michæl W. Bard
Michæl Brenner
Phil Geusz
Jarrod Henry
G. Howell
Saia Keferr
Allen Kitchen
Quentin Long
Charles Matthias
Oren Otter
Fred Patten
Slyford T. Rabbit
John B. Rosenman
Kris Schnee
Chaka Wolf
Equestrian Horse Wrangler
Wanderer Werewolf
Tom Zimmerman

ANTHROlogy One
The inaugural volume—and it’s a big one! 602 perfect-bound, 6"x9" pages of material taken from issues 1 through 6 of Anthro, with a nifty Lucius Appaloosius cover! The price is USD $19.99, which works out to a little over 3 cents per page; not a bad deal at all…
ANTHROlogy Two
Anthro’s second year. 638 pages for the same USD $19.99 price!
ANTHROlogy Three
The biggest ANTHROlogy yet: 724 pages for just USD $23.49!

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