ANTHRO: Who to complain to

   So you have something to say about the magazine? Great! All of us at Anthro want to hear from you—and that’s not just an editorial ‘we’! True, the staff consists of 1 (one) person, but there’s all those other people, writers and artists alike, who’d like to know your opinion of their work. So by all means, please send e-mails!
   Thoughts on one or more of the stories/articles/etc? Send ’em in.
   Comments on the site design? Send ’em in.
   Ideas for new stories, articles, pieces of art, etc? Send ’em in.
   Observations on furry fandom at large? Send ’em in.
   Other notions, that fall into the category ‘none of the above’? Send ’em in.
   If you’d prefer to send a private message to some specific person: Every byline in Anthro is a clickable link to send e-mail to that author. Likewise, every illustration is a clickable link to send e-mail to that artist.
   One last item: We assume you’re okay with us putting your messages-to-Anthro into a future issue of the magazine, as part of a letter column or the like. If you’d prefer that your e-mails not be used in this way, say so and we’ll respect your wishes.

   Note: In order to prevent Anthro from becoming an inadvertent ally to spammers, all e-mail addresses in the zine have been tweaked. Hopefully, our chosen flavor of tweakage should be a royal pain to spammers’ address-harvesting efforts without getting in the way of the usual click-to-send-email routine.

-= ANTHRO =-