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   It’s one of the best ‘furry’ novels ever written. It was Anthro’s first serial, presented in issues 1-4. And now you can get a copy of this book for your own personal library!
   There’s only one book we could possibly be referring to… and it’s The Human Memoirs, by G. Howell, the story of an ordinary man whose normal life is forever changed by an inexplicable twist of fate. That man is Kelly Davies, quartermaster in the U.S. Army, who one day finds himself catapulted from his old, familiar world of McDonalds hamburgers and counting boxes of ammunition, into a different world entirely—a world where homo sapiens never evolved.
   Where he’d formerly been concerned about saving up for college, now Davies must deal with inhuman creatures that threaten his life, his sanity, and his honor. Living in an ultimately foreign society, how will Davies be affected by his hosts’ alien culture—and how will that culture be affected by him? If these questions pique your curiosity, the pages of The Human Memoirs are where you’ll find the answers.
   With a beautiful cover by the book’s author, G. Howell, The Human Memoirs is nearly a quarter of a million words long, wich makes it excellent value for money. The Human Memoirs is the first novel to be published by Anthro Press—but we can assure you that it will not be the last.
The Human Memoirs
A pretty darned good novel with a pretty darned good cover—both of them by G. Howell! A mere USD $19.99 buys you 582 pages of anthropomorphic reading pleasure.

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