ANTHRO's index of anthropomorphic literature

A Bibliography of Feline Fantasy & SF Novels for Adults
Compiled by Fred Patten

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This is a list of adult novels, and those Young Adult novels that are mature enough that adults will enjoy reading them, which feature intelligent/talking cats. They range from fantasies with talking ‘natural’ cats to science-fiction novels about felinoid aliens and bioengineered intelligent cats.

Not included are novels in which intelligent cats are only minor background characters, or SF novels with alien cats that are not anthropomorphized such as Alan Dean Foster’s Cat-A-Lyst and Jack Lovejoy’s Outworld Cats, or “cat lovers’ mystery” novels in which the cats are normal cats which do not detect. (Koko, in Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who series, may be an abnormal cat, but he is not an anthropomorphized cat.) Also omitted are the many anthologies of cat fantasy or mystery short stories, since usually less than 50% of those stories feature intelligent cats.

These listings are of first editions; many of the titles are out-of-print. When a book is currently available, its title is an link via which that current edition may be purchased, if desired.

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Aiken, Joy Smith
Solo’s Journey
Map by Scot Aiken
Nov 1987
255 p.
Solo is a gifted kit in a Quorum of feral alley cats. After he becomes its leading Dom, he has a vision that the ferals must end their dependence upon the Owners, move into the wilderness, and learn self-sufficiency to become truly independent.

Alton, Andrea I.

Demon of Undoing
Map by Scot Aiken
Baen Books
Jun 1988
308 p.
Fenobar is a prince of Clan Fen on a planet of fierce felinoid warriors, but his crippled arm makes him an outcast. He is forced to make friends with Sig, a despised human, and learn from him to rely on wits rather than battle frenzy.

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Babson, Marian

Nine Lives to Murder
HarperCollins/Collins Crime Club
Oct 1992
188 p.
Famous actor Winstanley Fortescue falls on the theatre’s cat, Monty, when someone tries to kill him, and the man’s & cat’s minds become switched. Win must investigate his attempted murder while in the cat’s body, while his own body with the cat’s mind causes embarrassing problems.

Beese, P. J. & Hamilton, Todd Cameron

The Guardsman
Pageant Books
Jul 1988
313 p.
Ki Lawwnum, a Lionman from the planet Nide, is commander of the Imperial Guard of the human Interstellar Empire. He must balance his personal oath to protect the Emperor against the good of the Empire as Emperor Ozenscebo degenerates into an insane pervert.

Bell, Clare

Tomorrow’s Sphinx
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Nov 1986
292 p.
Kichebo, a cheetah of unusual intelligence and black coloring in a future devastated Egypt, achieves mental contact through space with humans who have abandoned Earth, and time, to Asu-Kheknemt, royal hunting cheetah of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.
The Ratha series
Ratha’s Creature
Mar 1983
259 p.
25,000,000 years ago, a tribe of cougar-like cats develops speech and domesticates food animals. But unintelligent feral cats outnumber & threaten them. Ratha is outcast for questioning the elders, but she returns to save the clan with fire.
Clan Ground
Oct 1984
258 p.
Ratha has become the new clan leader of the Named, and taught the cats to use fire. She allows an intelligent feral cat to join the clan. The charismatic Shongshar persuades the cats to turn fire from a tool into a god, with him as High Priest, overthrowing Ratha.
Ratha and Thistle-Chaser
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Apr 1990
232 p.
When the Named migrate to a new home, they find a lone feral cat who turns out to be Thistle-chaser, Ratha’s cub who was abandoned because she was believed unintelligent. Is she really? If she is smart, will Ratha admit she made a mistake?
Ratha’s Challenge
Mar 1983
259 p.
The Named come into conflict with mind-linked cougars controlled by their dominant personality, True-of-voice. Thistle can tune in to their group mind. Ratha must decide if Thistle can help both clans, or if she is now under True-of-voice’s influence.
Ratha’s Courage
Firebird Books/Viking Penguin
Spring (?) 2007
??? p.
Not yet published.

Betancourt, John

Popular Library/Questar
Oct 1990
197 p.
In a decadent future, people have themselves bioengineered into animalforms such as dogmen, catmen, and others to create new urban tribes. Slasher, Hangman, and Jeffy are three catmen thrill-criminals who specialize in robbing dogmen.

Bottriell, Lena Godsall

Umbulala: Through the Eyes of a Leopard
Artwork: Paul Bottriell
Photoprints: Paul Bottriell & Lena Godsall Bottriell
Questech Productions, Ltd.
Nov 1993
vi + 214 p.
A Kiplingesque tale of Umbulala, the black leopard; of his birth to Ingwe the spotted leopardess; his happy cubhood with sisters Sibindi and Kusasa; his blood feud with Kosi, the crippled lion; his assumption of lordship of the African bush; his mating with leopardess Tola and the start of a new generation.

Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Brown

The Mrs. Murphy Mystery series
Wish You Were Here
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1990
242 p.
Mary Haristeen (Harry), postmistress of Crozet, Virginia, investigates a series of grisly murders. Mrs. Murphy, Harry’s gray tiger cat, and Tee Tucker, her Welsh Corgi, with Pewter, the grocer’s fat cat, discuss the crimes and conduct their own investigation to save Harry from the killer. Other talking animals appear briefly.
Rest in Pieces
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Sep 1992
292 p.
Harry, Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker, and Pewter investigate two murders including one with a dismembered corpse. New talking animals include Paddy, Mrs. Murphy’s tomcat ‘ex-husband’; Simon the opossum; an owl; others. Mrs. Murphy tells cat ghost stories to two kittens. The animals save Harry from the murderer.
Murder at Monticello; or, Old Sins
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1994
[x] + 298 p.
Harry Haristeen investigates a 190-year-old murder at Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, and the modern murders resulting from discovery of the body. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker and Pewter accompany her. Paddy finds an important clue in a fireplace. Other talking animals appear briefly.
Pay Dirt; or, Adventures at Ash Lawn
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1995
251 p.
Harry is at Ash Lawn, estate of James Monroe, when a surly biker menaces the staff. The biker is soon killed; the first in a series of murders that move to Crozet. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker, and Pewter unobtrusively call Harry’s attention to clues. Murphy and Tucker save Harry from the killer.
Murder She Meowed
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1996
x + 285 p.
Steeplechase racing leads to murdered jockeys. In the background of the human investigation, Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker, Pewter and Paddy question cats Rodger Dodger and Pusskin, and three racehorses. Other animals who give information include barn mice led by Loulou, a Jack Russell terrier, and a heron.
Murder on the Prowl
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Apr 1998
320 p.
Harry Haristeen investigates when practical-joke phony newspaper obituaries turn into real murders. The two cats and the corgi also investigate in the background. Other talking animals appearing briefly include Simon the opossum, Winston the bulldog, Tee Tucker’s brother Owen Tudor, three horses, a fox and a bobcat.
Cat on the Scent
Illus. by Itoko Maeno
Bantam Books
Mar 1999
321 p.
A pilot and his plane disappear, and a participant in a Civil War battle reenactment is shot with real bullets. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter fetch clues to Harry. The animals save the life of a man shot in his car by driving it to safety, the dog on the gas pedal while the two cats twist the steering wheel.
Pawing Through the Past
Illus. by Itoko Maeno
Bantam Books
May 2000
305 p.
Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter investigate (and find bodies) and kibitz the humans’ investigations as the gathering of old classmates for Crozet High’s two combined class reunions sets off murders. Other talking animals appear briefly: Poptart the horse; Flatface the owl; singing barn mice.
Claws and Effect
Illus. by Itoko Maeno
Bantam Books
Mar 2001
292 p.
A murder at the Crozet Hospital sets off a chain of staff intrigue and violent deaths that involve Harry Haristeen. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter find clues and hidden rooms in the old building. The two cats and dog briefly discuss riding to hounds with two horses, Gin Fizz and Poptart.
Catch as Cat Can
Illus. by Michel Gellatly
Bantam Books
Mar 2002
[3] + 287 + [2] p.
Harry, with the unsuspected help of Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter, investigates three murders centered around the Crozet salvage yard. The two cats & dog talk with vicious Pope Rat, Abraham the courtly hound, the three horses Gin Fizz, Poptart & Tomahawk, two mice, a blue jay & an owl, and Simon the opossum.
The Tail of the Tip-Off
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Mar 2003
[2] + 309 + [1] p.
Harry Haristeen investigates two new murders while Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter watch to protect her from the killer. New talking animals are Reverend Herb Jones’ cats Cazenovia & Elocution; Brinkley, a young Labrador Retriever new to Crozet; two Yankee dogs passing through and a nameless hawk.
Whisker of Evil
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Feb 2004
xiii + 297 + [1] p.
Rabies may be a murder weapon. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter converse with the cats Cazenovia & Elocution, the dog Brinkley, Harry Haristeen’s horses, Simon the possum, and new talking animals Flatface the owl, barn mice Arthur & Martha, swallows Madison & Thelma, a nameless vixen & her cubs, a bluejay, and others.
Cat's Eyewitness
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Apr 2005
xi + 287 + [3] p.
A statue of the Virgin Mary that cries tears of real blood leads to murder at a monastery in the Blue Ridge mountains. Harry Haristeen investigates, aided by Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter. Other animals with small talking roles are barn mice, a cardinal, Tee’s brother Owen, the cats Cazenovia & Elocution.
Sour Puss
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Mar 2006
xvi + 246 + [3] p.
Harry Haristeen remarries her former husband Fair. An attempt to start wine vineyards in Crozet leads to murders. Talking animals besides Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter include Flatface (owl), Simon (possum), Matilda (blacksnake), Owen (tee’s brother), cats Cazenovia, Elocution & Lucy Fur, Martha & Arthur (mice), Jed (donkey), and numerous unnamed wild animals and birds.
Puss ’n Cahoots
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Feb 2007
??? p.
Not yet published.

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Carter, Brian

In the Long Dark
Map by the author
Century Hutchinson Ltd.
Nov 1989
viii + 243 p.
The conflict between two prides of feral cats in a coastal English town is told in terms of street gang warfare. Silver’s laid-back, loose-knit community of toms and shes is suddenly besieged by the sadistic Shadow mob led by psychotic Skeets. Ben, Scarnose, Dancer, Smiley, Lucy, and others in both gangs are personified.

Cary, Kate & Baldry, Cherith

Authors who collaborate under the pen-name of Erin Hunter

Cherryh, C. J.

The Compact Space/Chanur/Hani series
The Pride of Chanur
Star map by David A. Cherry
DAW Books
Jan 1982
224 p.
Pyanfar Chanur, captain of The Pride of Chanur, a ship of the lion-like hani, meets Tully, of an unknown species (human), fleeing murderous kif slavers at a galactic trading station. She helps him, touching off a deadly interstellar confrontation.
Chanur’s Venture
Star map by David A. Cherry
Phantasia Press
Sep 1984
201 p.
Tully returns, offering Pyanfar an exclusive trading contract with humanity. This could bring great prestige to the lowly Chanur clan, or it could get them crushed by more powerful hani rivals, or other galactics including the revenge-seeking kif.
The Kif Strike Back
Star map by David A. Cherry
Phantasia Press
Apr 1985
294 p.
When the kif seize Tully, and Hilfy of the Pride’s crew, Pyanfar and her shipmates lead a raid to rescue them, which involves them in kif politics and a new multispecies crisis which threatens to destroy the balance of power in Compact Space.
Chanur’s Homecoming
Star map by David A. Cherry
Phantasia Press
Jul 1986
312 p.
With an interstellar war looming, Pyanfar is forced to ally the Pride with a faction of the kif, the hani’s traditional enemy, which could ruin the Chanur clan’s status. A return to her homeworld, Anuurn, shows the hani’s natural society and politics.
Chanur’s Legacy
Star map by David A. Cherry
DAW Books
Aug 1992
386 p.
10 years later, Hilfy is captain of her own ship, Chanur’s Legacy, but she chafes at remaining in the shadow of her now-famous aunt Pyanfar. A risky attempt to make her own reputation plunges the Legacy into a new maelstrom of galactic politics.
The Chanur Saga
Front. by Michael Whelan
Star map by David A. Cherry
DAW Books
May 2000
685 p.
Combined edition of the first three novels: The Pride of Chanur, Chanur’s Venture, and The Kif Strike Back.

Coney, Michael

Cat Karina
Ace Books
Aug 1982
294 p.
In the year 122,640 Cyclic, a decadent semi-pastoral Earth society is shared by True Humans and Specialists, humans with bioengineered animal genes. Karina, daughter of El Tigre, a leader among the felinas, gets involved in her father’s revolution to keep the True Humans from dominating the Specialists.

Cox, A. B.

The Professor on Paws
W. Collins & Sons
Jul 1926
vii + 306 p.
The ‘essential portions’ of Prof. Ridgeley’s brain-tissue are surgically transplanted into a cat by Prof. Cantrell. The cat has Ridgeley’s mind and can talk. A farce in which the cat is battled over by Prof. Cantrell, who wants scientific fame, and the Prof.’s daughter & her fiancée who hope to persuade him to help them make a fortune with a ‘marvel cat’ music-hall act.

Cregar, Elyse

Feline Online: What Happens When a Smart Cat Surfs the Internet?
Tamerac Publishing Co.
Jun 2001
[iv] + 150 p.
Tarzan, a Siamese cat belonging to Amanda, an elderly seamstress, is enabled to read and write by the goddess Bastet, as the first in Bastet’s plan to persuade humans to return to the worship of cats. Tarzan’s secret use of Amanda’s computer and e-mail causes unexpected problems for Amanda and her human friends.

Crowley, John

Sep 1976
184 p.
21st-century America collapses into anarchy. Among those caught in the scheming to control the shattered country are humans; leos (bioengineered human-lion hybrids); Reynard, a lone experimental fox-man; and Sweets, an intelligent dog.

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DeVet, Charles V

Special Feature
Avon Books
Jun 1975
176 p.
Pentizel, a savage, arrogant feline alien from the quarantined planet Paarae, steals a spaceship and comes to St. Paul, on a mysterious mission. An unscrupulous newscaster, Howard Benidt, tries to use the story of her hunt to advance his career.

DiGenti, Victor

The Writers’ Collective
Jan 2004
280 p.
When Tony (Windrusher) is given away by the parents of his human friend Kimmy in Connecticut when they move to Florida, he quests to rejoin them with companions Lil’ One and Scowl Down. He is helped by dreams from a global feline psychic network, the Inner Ear, but is threatened by a psychotic enemy, Bolt.
Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth
Ocean Publishing
January 2005
261 p.
Windrusher has become a celebrity for surviving a tornado and rejoining his humans. But this gets him kidnapped along with three other famous cats (a prize-winning Persian, a TV commercial star, & the first cloned cat) by a mad California millionaire. He must fulfill the prophecy of the cat-god Tho-hoth to escape.

Douglas, Carole Nelson

The Midnight Louie Mystery series
Tom Doherty Associates/TOR Books
Mar 1992
x + 241 p.
Midnight Louie, a black cat, leads Las Vegas publicist Temple Barr to a murder at an ABA convention from which the famous Baker & Taylor mascot cats are stolen. Temple investigates the murder while Louie hunts for the kidnapped cats. Louie’s chapters are ‘told’ directly by him in a tough-guy private-eye dialect.
Tom Doherty Associates/TOR Books
Apr 1993
304 p.
Someone is murdering the girls at a Las Vegas strippers’ competition. Judge Savannah Ashleigh brings her pampered Persian cat, the Divine Yvette, Midnight Louie’s old flame. Temple investigates the murders while Louie vows to protect Yvette. Ingram, a mystery bookshop cat, is one of Louie’s informants.
Cat on a Blue Monday
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 1994
381 p.
Temple Barr and Midnight Louie get involved with a purebreed cat show and an old woman whose home is filled with stray cats. A mystic cat seeress, Karma, orders Louie to prevent a murder of ‘hundreds of cats’. New cats introduced are Louie’s daughter, Midnight Louise, and Maurice, a TV catfood-commercial star.
Cat in a Crimson Haze
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 1995
384 p.
Temple becomes the P.R. agent of the Crystal Phoenix hotel, and Midnight Louie investigates for gangsters who murderously sabotage a revue there. A nameless talking dog has a walk-on role. Louie’s own long-lost father, Three O’Clock Louie, joins the cast. Louie and Louise join forces to solve the caper.
Cat in a Diamond Dazzle
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 1996
414 p.
Temple and Midnight Louie search for valuable black-cat shoes hidden somewhere among Las Vegas’ casinos. Louie upstages Maurice to star with the Divine Yvette in a cat-food TV commercial. Louie questions a hawk; the two talk in pidgin-pigeon. Midnight Louise complicates Louie’s romance with Yvette.
Cat with an Emerald Eye
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Oct 1996
384 p.
While Temple investigates the death of a psychic at a publicity séance, Karma (exhibiting genuine mystic powers) summons a Halloween séance of Las Vegas’ cats, at which Louie is warned that Maurice is plotting his murder. Karma tells Louie he is the psychic magnet that involves Temple in so many human murders.
Cat in a Flamingo Fedora
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 1997
351 p.
Louie must wear a flamingo-pink fedora to star in a cat-food TV commercial with the Divine Yvette, while avoiding fatal traps on the Las Vegas casino set that Maurice tries to engineer for him. Savannah Ashleigh, Yvette’s jealous owner and Temple’s rival, has her own dire plans for Louie.
Cat in a Golden Garland
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Nov 1997
352 p.
Temple and Louie are called to a New York City ad agency where Louie becomes a contender for spokescat of a major TV ad campaign, competing against Maurice,Yvette, and Yvette’s sister Solange. When the ad agency hosts a Christmas party at which Santa Claus is murdered, Temple and Louie investigate.
Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Jul 1998
383 p.
Back in Las Vegas, Midnight Louie and Midnight Louise find a corpse in a casino-hotel’s main attraction. Temple is targetted by a mysterious terrorist whose sadistic, poison-clawed Siamese cat, Hyacinth, proves to be a feline femme fatale who gives Louie his narrowest escape.
Cat in an Indigo Mood
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Apr 1999
381 p.
Fanny Furbelow asks Midnight Louie to find her missing boyfriend, Wilfred. The cat has apparently been done in by the killer of his human companion. Louie, Midnight Louise, and a canine super-sniffer, Nose E., conduct their own hunt for the cat-killer while the humans investigate the slaying of the human victim(s).
Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Nov 1999
399 p.
The Kingdome is a new Elvis-themed Vegas hotel-casino with an ‘Animal Elvis’ zoo of impersonators of Elvis’ pets at Graceland. When a human Elvis impersonator is killed, Temple investigates the human suspects while Louie interviews Chatter the chimp. Honey the poodle, Rising Sun the horse, Trojan the anaconda, and others.
Cat in a Kiwi Con
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 2000
416 p.
Louie learns that the deadly Hyacinth is back, appearing at the TitaniCon sci-fi con as an animal star in a forthcoming movie. Louie sneaks into the con to match banter with Hyacinth and some kiwi birds dyed green as aliens, while Temple and her human friends get involved with the murders of sci-fi fans and movie stars.
Cat in a Leopard Spot
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Apr 2001
380 p.
Osiris, a stage magician’s trained leopard, is stolen and sold to an animal ranch that holds illegal big game hunts. Midnight Louie & Midnight Louise must rescue him. Other animals with speaking roles: the Divine Yvette; Golda and Groucho, two Yorkshire terriers; Butch the black panther; Leo the lion.
Cat in a Midnight Choir
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 2002
350 p.
While the humans investigate human murders, Midnight Louie & Midnight Louise formalize their working together as a PI team, Midnight Inc. Louie finds his mother, Ma Barker, is leader of a street gang of feral cats, the Wild Bunch. Others with brief speaking roles include feline fatale Hyacinth, Osiris the leopard & Mr. Lucky the black panther, mystic Karma, & a couple of dumb dogs for comic relief.
Cat in a Neon Nightmare
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 2003
365 p.
A woman falls from a hotel’s 20th floor, reserved for guests with pets. Midnight Louie and Midnight Louise, as Midnight Inc., interview the pets including parakeet Blues Brother. A nameless desert coyote has a few lines and the Divine Yvette makes a brief appearance.
Cat in an Orange Twist
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Aug 2004
395 + [1] p.
Louie investigates murders at a trendy furniture showroom by posing as a soft-sculpture cat-cushion. He and Midnight Louise search for witnesses among Las Vegas’ street gangs of feral cats (the Wildspats, Shivmasters & Distempers) and dogs (the K-9 Packers & Hydrophobias). Louise meets her grandmother, Ma Barker, and other cat gang members Gimpy, Snow Off-white, Tiger, & Tom.
Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
May 2005
364 p.
Temple Barr must protect Lieut. Molina’s daughter Mariah at the deadly Teen Queen reality TV show. Talking cats besides Midnight Louie include the mystic Karma, the Persian sisters Divine Yvette and Sweet Solange, and his finally-acknowledged daughter Midnight Louise.
Cat in a Quicksilver Caper
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
Jun 2006
383 p.
Temple Barr must deal with deaths & theft at a display of Czarist Russian jeweled treasures at the New Millennium Hotel, and must choose between Max & Matt. Talking cats besides Louie include black leopards Kahlúa & Lucky; Midnight Louise; Ma Barker and Tiger & Tom in her gang of feral cats; Karma; Siamese Hyacinth & her double Squeaker.

Duane, Diane

The Feline Wizardry series
The Book of Night With Moon
Hodder & Stoughton
Jul 1997
viii + 404 p.
Rhiow, Saash, Urruah and Arhu are a team of cat-wizards charged with guarding the dimensional Gates below New York’s Grand Central Station. When the Destroyer seizes the Gates and begins to flood the world with ancient horrors, the cats must venture Downside to regain control of reality.
On Her Majesty’s Wizardly Service
Hodder & Stoughton
Jul 1998
309 p.
The Destroyer alters history by inserting atomic energy into a parallel Victorian England and assassinating Queen Victoria, to start a nuclear war that destroys all timelines. Rhiow, Urruah and Arhu are assigned to help London’s resident cat-wizards restore history by saving the Queen. They meet the Raven-wizards of the Tower of London.
To Visit the Queen
Warner Aspect
Apr 1999
xi + 354 p.
U.S. edition of On Her Majesty’s Wizardly Service.
The Big Meow
Summer (?) 2007
??? p.
Not yet published.

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Emery, Clayton

The Magic: The Gathering®: Legends Cycle trilogy
Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Apr 2001
311 p.
(Book I of the trilogy) Jaeger Ojanen, a 7’ tall tiger-man warrior, comes from the unknown east to learn about man. He joins Hazezon Tamar, benevolent mage-ruler of Bryce, and pirate queen Adira Strongheart, in their war against evil mage-Emperor Johan of Tirras. Other morphs encountered are the Beck fish-man merfolk of the Sunken Sea.
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Dec 2001
310 p.
(Book II of the trilogy) Johan flees to Jaeger’s homeland and entrances Jedit Ojanen, Jaeger’s son, into becoming his pawn. Jedit breaks the spell and becomes Johan’s implacable enemy. Jedit joins Adira’s pirate band hunting Johan across Jamuraa. Jedit’s tiger nature (900 pounds of muscle, claws, thick fur) often saves his human friends.
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Aug 2002
310 p.
(Book III of the trilogy) After more adventures with the human pirates, Jedit learns the secret of the tiger-men’s origins. Hazezon’s magic and Adira’s warcraft aid Jedit as he returns to the land of the tiger-men and forces the warring tiger tribes to unite against Johan’s conquering Tirran air-armada which seeks to exterminate them.

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Fawcett, Bill

Creator of the Guardians of the Three series, a shared-world anthropomorphic fantasy series in a world inhabited only by feline mrem and reptilian liskash. The Western lands, home of the mrem, are threatened by the evil liskash invaders from the East. Only Volume 2 of the 4, Keeper of the City, has genuinely feline characters.

Felice, Cynthia

Pocket Books
Jun 1978
264 p.
Heot is a ‘human’ (catlike) academian on a perpetually cloud-covered world, coexisting with ‘slaves’ (men; descendants of spacemen). Physiological brain differences between the two lead to political advantages for those who manipulate them.

Forstchen, William R., & Demarest, Jaki

Pocket Books
Aug 1999
392 p.
(Shattered Light™ 3) Jain Riordan comes to Tycor to join its Guard, and finds himself aiding Tazira Goldeneyes, Raf Grayfur, and Pellar Longclaw, the fabled Three Furies, to thwart a sorcerous plot against all humans and felinoid mrem. A variant of The Three Musketeers, with a teen human d’Artagnan joining a feline Three Musketeers.

Foster, Alan Dean

The Icerigger trilogy
Ballantine Books
Mar 1974
313 p.
Six humans are marooned on Tran-ky-ky, a world of -60° temperatures and vast ice deserts. Hunnar Redbeard, a knight of the lion-like Tran natives, must get them to the human base across the planet, on a giant ice sailing ship, before they freeze.
Mission to Moulokin
Map by Porter
Ballantine/del Rey Books
Apr 1979
294 p.
The castaways reach Tran-ky-ky’s human outpost. But when Ethan Fortune & Skua September learn that galactic profiteers are preying on the feudal Trans, they stay to help their friend Hunnar organize the Tran kingdoms into a strong federation.
The Deluge Drivers
Ballantine/del Rey Books
Jun 1987
311 p.
Ethan, Skua, & Hunnar lead a mixed human & Tran crew on the icerigger Slanderscree against a base of criminal human exploiters who are terraforming Tran-ky-ky, which will exterminate the furry felinoid Trans who need an icy environment.

Friesner, Esther

Majyk by Hook or Crook
Ace Books
May 1994
262 p.
In this 2nd novel in a ‘silly’ trilogy, human wizard Kendar and Scandal, the talking cat, must mediate between the warring human nobility and the anthropomorphic peasants (mostly sheep ‘Arrr, matey!’ pirates) of the Kingdom of Windingo.

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Gadallah, Leslie

Cat’s Pawn
Ballantine/del Rey Books
Mar 1987
263 p.
Bill Anderson is stranded on the world of the felinoid Oriani. He is uncomfortable with them, but the only humans are spaceport scum. Anderson must finally choose between supporting the human crime lord, Steven Black, or the cat-diplomat, Talan.
Cat’s Gambit
Ballantine/del Rey Books
Mar 1990
247 p.
The insectile Kazi conquer all planets, exterminating all the Oriani they can find. Ayyah, daughter of Talan, forces MacDonald, a human rebel, & Delladar Oll of the alien Lleveci to join her in a search for a hidden world that knows the Kazis’ weakness.

Gallico, Paul

The Abandoned
Sep 1950
viii + 307 p.
The Abandoned are those cats who do not live with humans and must survive as alley strays. When Peter Brown, a London boy, is transformed into a cat, motherly Jennie teaches him how to become a self-reliant cat in soul as well as in body.
Michael Joseph Ltd.
October 1950
268 p.
U. K. edition of The Abandoned.

Gotlieb, Phyllis

The Big Red Cats/Prandra & Khreng series
A Judgment of Dragons
Berkley Books
Apr 1980
263 p.
Four stories of Prandra & Khreng, two mated red cougarlike telepaths from the planet Ungruwarkh who are sent as their species’ ambassadors to GalFed on Solthree. They get caught up in political murder mysteries which they must solve.
Emperor, Swords, Pentacles
Ace Books
Apr 1982
299 p.
GalFed investigator Duncan Kinnear learns that data about Qsaprinel, inhabited by intelligent crustacean-oids, are being suppressed. He calls two Big Red Cats, Emerald (daughter of Prandra & Khreng) and her mate Raanung, to help investigate.
The Kindgom of the Cats
Ace Books
Jul 1985
284 p.
Some Big Red Cats settle on Solthree, in the Grand Canyon area which is similar to Ungruwarkh’s ecology. Someone begins to murder them. Prandra’s granddaughter, Bren, & her mate Etrem investigate suspects ranging from Pueblo Indians to aliens.

a  b  c  d  e  f  g  H  i  j  k  l  m  n  o  p  q  r  s  t  u  v  w  x  y  z

Hahn, Harriet

James the Connoisseur Cat
St. Martin’s Press
Oct 1991
169 p.
James, resident cat at London’s elegant Baron’s Chambers apartments, does not talk but is adept at pantomime. He offers his services to the residents as a detective, an actor in a TV production of Puss in Boots, and in other intellectual capacities, but he is almost undone when kidnapped by a cultist who believes him a reincarnation of Bastet.
James, Fabulous Feline; Further Adventures of a Connoisseur Cat
St. Martin’s Press
Jun 1993
199 p.
James becomes involved in a croquet tournament and learns about sportsmanship, exposes and testifies in court against an art forger, unmasks a fortune-hunter, is tricked into sponsoring a detestable catfood, becomes a benefactor to the feral cats of London, and officiates at a wedding of his human friends.

Harness, Charles L.

Pocket Books
Jan 1981
207 p.
Control, the computer-god, sets into motion the extermination of all organic life. A cabal among the Phelix Sapiens (felinoid) galactic civilization instigates Project Firebird, a plot to launch the leonine lovers Dermaq and Gerain on a 45 billion-year mission to restore the universe’s cycle of expansion and contraction.

Hawke, Simon (pseudonym of Nikolai Yermakov)

The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez
Warner Books/Questar
Oct 1992
216 p.
After a fad for magically intelligent pets passes, many people dump them out on the streets. When a reporter investigating an animal civil rights movement is murdered, Catseye Gomez, a tough alley cat who is a Mike Hammer fan, takes the case which involves both human and animal suspects.

Hilgartner, Beth

Cats in Cyberspace
Meisha Merlin Publishing
Sept 2001
210 p.
Fluffy and PKP (Princess Killer Pinknose) try to help their humans Dana and Colin win financial independence so they can quit their jobs, using their home computer. The cats’ first attempts to get rich over the Internet are naïve. They must quickly become computer-literate enough to avoid getting Dana and Colin blamed for illegal financial transactions, or being seen by their humans using their PC.

Huff, Tanya

The Keeper’s Chronicles series
Summon the Keeper
DAW Books
May 1998
331 p.
Claire Hansen is a Keeper, a magical guardian Summoned to maintain the barrier between Good & Evil. She and Austin, her sardonic talking cat companion, are drawn to a Canadian rundown hotel with a portal to Hell in its basement. They & handyman Dean McIssac must seal the hole permanently. Austin has a major role.
The Second Summoning
DAW Books
Mar 2001
416 p.
When Claire and Dean get it on, their passion connected to Claire’s metalink to cosmic power draws an angel and a demon to Ontario. They plus Claire’s teenaged sister Diana must track them down before Armageddon breaks loose. Austin offers supercilious feline advice. Diana also gets a talking cat companion, Sam.
Long Hot Summoning
DAW Books
May 2003
413 p.
Diana Hanson gets her first Summons as an active Keeper, to close a portal to Hell at a shopping mall. Claire, Austin and Dean are needed as backup. Austin and Sam, the talking cats, have major supporting roles. Egyptian gods cat-headed Bast and jackal-headed Anubis briefly appear, interacting ‘like Ruff and Reddy’.

Hunter, Erin (pseudonym of Kate Cary & Cherith Baldry)

The Warriors series
Warriors: Into the Wild
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Jan 2003
[ix] + 272 p.
(Book 1) Four rival feral cat Clans live in a wood near a twoleg town. Rusty, a kittypet, leaves his soft home to join the ThunderClan as Firepaw, an apprentice warrior. Firepaw helps to defend the ThunderClan against the ShadowClan’s aggression, but he discovers treachery among his own Clan’s leaders.
Warriors: Fire and Ice
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Jun 2003
[xi] + 317 p.
(Book 2) Firepaw, now the adult warrior Fireheart, and his friend Graystripe are sent to bring the exiled WindClan back. The ShadowClan and RiverClan cats resent having to return WindClan’s hunting grounds. As alliances among the four Clans shift, Fireheart tries to do what is best for ThunderClan despite his doubts.
Warriors: Forest of Secrets
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Oct 2003
[ix] + 312 p.
(Book 3) Fireheart struggles to prove Tigerclaw’s villainy. A flood threatens all the Clans and forces new alliances. Fireheart’s loyalties are stretched when his friend Graystripe forms a forbidden romance with the RiverClan she-cat, Silverstream, and a challenge arises over which Clan their kits should belong to.
Warriors: Rising Storm
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Jan 2004
[ix] + 315 p.
(Book 4) Tigerclaw is exiled. Fireheart must master his responsibilities as ThunderClan’s new deputy despite the dubious loyalty of Tigerclaw’s old supporters, the disrespect of his own nephew/apprentice, Cloudpaw, and the mental decline of leader Bluestar. Then Tigerclaw returns as the new leader of ShadowClan.
Warriors: A Dangerous Path
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
HarperCollins Publishers
Jun 2004
[xiii] + 313 p.
(Book 5) Fireheart’s role of ThunderClan’s deputy grows more difficult as he must cope with Bluestar’s growing paranoia, and maintain his Clan’s loyalty and strength despite Tigerstar’s plotting revenge and subversion of all the rival Clans. Tigerstar secretly builds up a pack of feral dogs to destroy ThunderClan.
Warriors: The Darkest Hour
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Oct 2004
[ix] + 315 p.
(Book 6) Bluestar’s death elevates Fireheart to Firestar, leader of ThunderClan. When Tigerstar forces ShadowClan and RiverClan to unite as TigerClan, the two other Clans must also unite to oppose them. But a new menace, the deadly BloodClan led by Scourge, threatens to conquer them all.
The Warriors: The New Prophecy series
Warriors: The New Prophecy: Midnight
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
May 2005
[ix] + 303 p.
(Book 1) A new menace threatens all four forest Clans. StarClan sends four young warriors & apprentices, one from each Clan (Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail & Crowpaw), on a dangerous quest to the seacoast to learn from Midnight what the menace is. Two more cats, Stormfur & Squirrelpaw, insist on accompanying them.
Warriors: The New Prophecy: Moonrise
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Aug 2005
[ix] + 287 p.
(Book 2) In alternating chapters, the questing Clan cats try to return home over an icy mountain range, but they are captured by a tribe of mountain cats who demand that Stormfur save them from a giant lion-cat. Meanwhile, the four forest Clans are threatened with extinction as Twolegs tear down the forest to build a new highway.
Warriors: The New Prophecy: Dawn
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Jan 2006
[x] + 335 + [1] p.
(Book 3) The surviving questors return to the Clans as they prepare to leave as their home forest is destroyed. After rescuing several cats trapped by the Twolegs, during which Graystripe is captured, the questors lead the united Clans back over the mountains in search of the new home promised by StarClan.
Warriors: The New Prophecy: Starlight
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Apr 2006
[viii] + 321 + [1] p.
(Book 4) The cats settle uneasily into their new mountain valley lakeside home. The unity developed during their trek is shattered as they reestablish the four rival Clans, despite the efforts of several to maintain a spirit of cooperation. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight start a troubled romance.
Warriors: The New Prophecy: Twilight
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps
Sep 2006
??? p.
(Book 5) Not yet published.
Warriors: The New Prophecy: Sunset
Illus. by Wayne McLoughlin. Maps.
Jan 2007
??? p.
(Book 6) Not yet published.

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Johnson, Jane and Harrison, M. John

Authors who collaborate under the pen-name of Gabriel King

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Kagan, Janet

Uhura’s Song
Pocket Books
Jan 1985
373 p.
(Star Trek Novel #21) A deadly plague, ADF syndrome, spreads from the feline Eeiauoans to human space. Capt. James Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieut. Uhura and the crew of the Enterprise must find Sivao, the lost world of the Eeiauoans’ ancestors, and work with its catlike natives to rediscover the cure for the forgotten disease.

Kelly, James P.

Planet of Whispers
Bluejay Books
Jul 1984
234 p.
Complex politics between galactic Messengers and felinoid natives of Aseneshesh cause massive starvation. Curinakesay, a scholar, is sent on a mission of betrayal which reveals secrets about galactic need for his species’ unique physiology.

King, Gabriel (pseudonym of Jane Johnson & M. John Harrison)

The Wild Roads series
The Wild Road
Nov 1997
463 p
Tag, a London kitten, is bidden by the cat wizard Majicou to find the King and Queen of cats and bring them to Tintagel before the spring equinox. Tag gains companions on his quest (the cats Cy, Sealink and Mousebreath, plus Majicou’s aides, a fox and a magpie) to save the royal cats from the evil human Alchemist.
The Golden Cat
Nov 1998
350 p.
The royal cats, Ragnar Gustaffson and Pertelot, sire three kittens, one of whom will be the legendary Golden Cat. When two of the kittens are sorcerously stolen, Tag and the third kitten, Leonora Whitstand Merril, search for them in England. Sealink, who has gone home to New Orleans, finds the spreading evil already there.
The Knot Garden
Random House/Century
Nov 2000
342 p.
The village of Ashmore is the locale of two intermixed dramas; that of the cats Hawkweed and Orlando who patrol the Wild Roads against dreams which would destroy the Roads and the world, and the humans Anna Prescott, Stella Herringe and John Dawe, locked in a conflict dominated by reincarnation & immortality.

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Lefebure, Molly

Scratch & Co.; the Great Cat Expedition
Illus. by A. Wainwright
Sep 1968
158 p.
Brigadier Sir Hywel Catterwaul, young Scratch Sharp, and 4 other cats constitute the Great Cat Expedition to climb the H.K.P. (Highest Known Peak) in the Kingdom of Catdom. A pastiche of Himalayan mountaineering expeditions with cat Pukka Sahib British explorers, rabbit lowland native bearers, terrier upland guides, fox hill bandits, and a mongoose Hindu servant.

Linebarger, Paul Myron Anthony

Author who wrote under the pen-name of Cordwainer Smith

Lucas, Paul

Hard Shell Word Factory
Jul 2005
244 p.
300 years after all humans died in the Great Pandemic and were replaced by the bioengineered Creatura, Rakshana Feles,, Twilight Tabbey (both Felinoids), Roadkill (Faanr Chien, Lupinoid), Ulex Baker (Ursoid) & Griffon (GENI dog) try to escape Frostbite’s gang of killer Lupinoid mercs while searching for Project Mausoleum.

Lynch, Lee

Sue Slate, Private Eye
Naiad Press
Nov 1989
161 p.
Sue Slate, a tough feline lesbian detective in San Francisco’s hidden gay funny-animal community, discovers that its ‘Case of the Kitnapped Kittens’ is tied in with a human murder and a homophobic conspiracy to suppress an AIDS cure.

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McCaffrey, Anne

Decision at Doona
Ballantine Books
Apr 1969
246 p.
Blurb: …Doona was inhabited. Now the colonists’ choice was limited. Leave Doona and return to the teeming hell of an overpopulated Terra. Or kill the catlike Hrrubans. Or learn, for the first time in history, how to coexist with an alien race…

McCaffrey, Anne with Nye, Jody Lynn

The Doona trilogy
Crisis on Doona
Ace Books
March 1992
328 p.
25 years ago, a treaty between Terrans and cat-like Hrrubans allowed the joint settlement of Doona. Todd Reeve and Hrriss, a Hrruban, are best friends. But extremists oppose the treaty renewal, which would force the humans to leave Doona.
Treaty Planet
Orbit Books
Feb 1994
441 p.
A spaceship of an unknown species, the gigantically fanged but friendly bear-like Gringgs, comes to Doona to offer valuable trade. Todd and Hrriss watch their human & Hrruban friends split into factions between those who trust or fear the Gringgs.
Treaty at Doona
Ace Books
Sep 1994
342 p.
U. S. edition of Treaty Planet.
Ace Books
Feb 2004
585 p.
Includes Crisis on Doona and Treaty at Doona.

Morwood, Peter & Duane, Diane

Keeper of the City
Bantam Spectra
Aug 1989
x + 309 p.
(Vol. 2 of Bill Fawcell’s Guardians of the Three series) Reswen, police chief in the independent desert-outpost city of Niau, is suspicious when a deadly crime wave coincides with a diplomatic mission from the East offering peace and trade. The reader is aware that a liskash wizard is manipulating the Easterners in a plot to destroy all the catfolk.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau

The Joe Grey Mystery series
Cat on the Edge
Jun 1996
274 p.
When a leading businessman is murdered in a California resort town, two cats (Joe Grey and Dulcie) suddenly find themselves with human intelligence and speech, and Kate Osborne, a human housewife, is turned into a cat. The three must figure out what has happened to them, while eluding the murderer.
Cat Under Fire
Jan 1997
244 p.
After Joe Grey & Dulcie’s first case, Joe would rather ignore his human intelligence and return to a cat’s carefree life. But a human friend of Dulcie’s is murdered, and Dulcie insists that the two cats find the clues that no human detective could know about.
Cat Raise the Dead
HarperPaperbacks/Harper Prism
Jul 1997
288 p.
Joe Grey & Dulcie get involved in two parallel cases: a ‘cat burglar’ is robbing Molena Point’s wealthy homes, and a senile (maybe) resident of the posh Casa Capri Retirement Villa starts claiming some the home’s patients have mysteriously vanished.
Cat in the Dark
Feb 1999
265 p.
A new human burglar moves into Molena Point, with a talking cat like Joe Grey & Dulcie as his partner. The two are nonplussed over how to end the crimes without exposing their own secret. Azrael, the arrogant tom, boasts of voodoo powers and that he sees death coming -- a threat, a bluff, or a prediction of unavoidable fate?
Cat to the Dogs
Jan 2000
243 p.
A stranger dies in a sabotaged car crash; a Molena Point resident drowns and his widow is besieged by suspicious relatives; and two enormous stray puppies may link the cases. Joe Grey must tolerate the puppies (Dulcie likes them), despite their slobbery kisses. A new mysteriously intelligent kitten appears.
Cat Spitting Mad; A Joe Grey Mystery
Jan 2001
228 p.
Two women are murdered and Max Harper, Molena Point’s Chief of Police, is the target of anonymous accusations and faked evidence. Joe Grey, Dulcie, and their new companion Kit must investigate who is involved in the frame-up. Several previous characters reappear, including Kate Osborne who can turn into a cat.
Cat Laughing Last; A Joe Grey Mystery
Jan 2002
273 p.
Vandalism and murder surround five elderly women (including one who knows the secret of the talking cats) who shop at yard sales for antiques, and are involved in the premiere of a new play by a famous author and his unlikeable wife at the Molena Point Little Theater. Joe Grey, Dulcie, and little Kit investigate.
Cat Seeing Double; A Joe Grey Mystery
Illus. by Beppe Giacobbe
Jan 2003
292 p.
The wedding of Police Chief Max Harper and Charlie Getz is bombed. Charlie’s friend, Ryan Flannery, niece of a detective, is framed for the murder of her husband. The three intelligent cats investigate both crimes. Does someone hate all Molena Point’s police, or is this a personal attack on Max or Charlie or Ryan and their friends? A dog with the same fur coloring as Joe Grey provides clues.
Cat Fear No Evil; a Joe Grey Mystery
Mar 2004
323 p.
New thefts and murder coincide with the return of black cat Azrael, the self-proclaimed ‘Angel of Death’, with new human criminal partners. While the humans commit mundane crimes, Azrael targets Kate Osborn who may unknowingly have clues to a dimensional portal to a cat world. Joe Grey and Dulcie need to investigate both cases, while protecting little Kit from Azrael.
Cat Cross Their Graves; a Joe Grey Mystery
Jan 2005
305 p.
Patty Rose, a retired movie star who is one of Molena Points most popular residents, is murdered by a man who may be involved with the mass murder of children years earlier and may be stalking Lori Reed, a 12-year-old runaway girl whom Dulcie is trying to protect. Joe Grey and Kit provide clues anonymously to the police.
Cat Breaking Free; a Joe Grey Mystery
Illus. by Beppe Giacobbe
Dec 2005
335 p.
While a gang plans to rob all Molena Point’s wealthiest stores in a one-night crime spree, the clowder of intelligent feral cats from which Kit came is caged by hoodlums. After Hernando is killed by savage cat leader Stone Eye, caged cats Cotton, Coyote and Willow must be rescued from his brother Luis by Joe, Dulcie & Kit. Kit must decide whether to stay in Molena Point or rejoin the clowder.
Cat Pay the Devil; a Joe Grey Mystery
William Morrow
March 2007
??? p.
Not yet published.

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Norman, Lisanne

The Sholan Alliance series
Turning Point
DAW Books
Dec 1993
267 p.
Carrie Hamilton, a young human woman on a colony planet, nurses a wounded cat-like beast who turns out to be Kusac, a disguised alien. Carrie and Kusac develop a Beauty & the Beast romance as they help Terrans and Sholans become allies to fight the common Valtegan reptilian enemy.
Fortune’s Wheel
DAW Books
Aug 1995
646 p.
Carrie goes with Kusac, now her mind-bonded lifemate, to Shola to help solidify the alliance. Besides getting involved in deadly internal politics, they are shocked when they begin turning into a new species, part human and part catlike Sholan.
Fire Margins
Maps by Michael Gilbert
DAW Books
Nov 1996
758 p.
This immediately continues Fortune’s Wheel. The history of the enigmatic Kaid is revealed, and he forms a Triad with Carrie & Kusac. Several feuds climax and are resolved. The mysteries of the Cataclysm and of how humans and Sholans can be interfertile are solved.
Razor’s Edge
Maps by Michael Gilbert
DAW Books
Dec 1997
652 p.
Blurb: Still adjusting to the revelations about its past, the Sholan race must now also face the increasing numbers and independence of the new human-Sholan telepathic pairs. Meanwhile, Carrie, Kusac, Kaid, and T’Chebbi are sent to the planet Jalna on a rescue mission […]
Dark Nadir
Maps by Michael Gilbert
DAW Books
Mar 1999
597 p.
Carrie, Kusac and the others are returning to Shola when their spaceship is captured by the Valtegans; then an unknown new space warship takes both the Valtegans and their captives prisoner. Meanwhile, political conservatives hinder Kusac’s father’s efforts to help integrate humans into the feline Sholan society.
Stronghold Rising
Maps by Michael Gilbert
DAW Books
Jun 2000
722 p.
Carrie, Kusac and the others have been rescued, but Kusac has lost his telepathy and is despondent to the point of suicide. The Sholans become involved in the politics of the Valtegan homeworld and a faction that wants peaceful relations, setting off controversy on Shola over whether any Valtegans can be trusted.
Between Darkness and Light
Map & illustrations by Michael Gilbert
DAW Books
Jan 2003
752 p.
Kusac, sent on a secret mission to help Gen. Kezule create a hidden offworld colony of peaceful Valtegans, is publicly denounced as a traitor. Politics among both feline Sholans and reptilian Valtegans threaten to destroy the fragile Valtegan peace movement. Carrie, Kaid, and others learn the truth and try to aid Kusac.

Norton, Andre (pseudonym of Alice Mary Norton)

Breed to Come
Viking Press
June 1972
285 p.
Furtig is a cat warrior on a future Earth where all humans have gone psychotically mad and died, or fled into space. Cats, dogs, and rats have evolved, and seek the Demons’ secrets for their own warfare. Then a Demon spaceship returns to Earth…

Norton, Alice Mary

Author who writes under the pen-name of Andre Norton

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Payne, Michael H.

The Blood Jaguar
Map by Kandis Elliot
Tom Doherty Associates/Tor Books
Dec 1998
256 p.
On an animal world, the Blood Jaguar is goddess of Death. She controls Cycles of plague that kill 50% of the population, unless she can be stopped by three heroes; a bobcat, a fisher and a skink. But this generation’s Bobcat is an illiterate ex-delinquent who is sure a mistake has been made in drafting him to lead the quest.

Peak, Michael

Cat House
NAL/Signet Books
Sep 1989
255 p.
In a suburban community, cat Mistress Halina manages affairs so the scarred (fixed) girls will still be popular with the toms. When she bans a brutal tom, Coron, from the girls’ attentions, he stirs the cat-community’s resentment against her.
NAL/Roc Books
Mar 1992
284 p.
3 connected stories set in the San Diego desert suburb. Sarena the cougar looks for a mate, with Lanakila the eagle’s help. Eight dogs running wild try to live off the land. Laura Kay, a reporter, covers the animal-rights & anti-hunting movements.

Pirinçci, Akif

The Felidae series
Trans. by Ralph Noble
Villard Books
Feb 1993
292 p.
Francis, a housecat, moves into a residential neighborhood where cats are being gruesomely slaughtered by one of their own. This German award-winning murder mystery (Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, 1989) is unusually brutal and cynical, emphasizing realistic urban cat territorial behavior.
Felidae on the Road
Trans. by Anthea Bell
Fourth Estate, Ltd.
Jul 1994
246 p.
Francis goes feral, discovering a society of flagellant blind cats hiding in the sewers from the Black Knight, a ‘demon cat’ who is slaughtering all farm cats. Francis must find the psychotic cat, or learn who among the cats is posing as the monster.
Felidae II: Francis
Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag
The original published version of Felidae on the Road.
Cave Canem: ein Felidae-Roman
Wilhelm Goldmann GmbH
Aug 1999
Third Felidae novel; not yet published in English.
Das Duell. ein Felidae-Roman
Eichborn Verlag
Oct 2002
Fourth Felidae novel; not yet published in English.
Salve Roma!
Eichborn Verlag
March 2004
Fifth Felidae novel; not yet published in English.

Pratchett, Terry

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
Illus. by David Wyatt.
Nov 2001
241 p.
(Discworld #28) Cat Maurice persuades some rats and a boy, Keith, to start a scam, sending the rats to villages to start a ‘plague’ then following to pipe them away. Rats Peaches, Dangerous Beans & Darktan object to the dishonesty. They all fall into danger in a city already being preyed upon by greedy rat-catchers and an evil Rat-King.

a  b  c  d  e  f  g  h  i  j  k  l  m  n  o  p  q  R  s  t  u  v  w  x  y  z

Reed, Christopher

A Manx McCatty Adventure: The Big Scratch
Illus. by Tom Newson
Ballantine Books
Nov 1988
117 p.
A feline pastiche of hard-boiled P.I. novels. Manx McCatty, the streetwise San Francisco P.I., is hired by ‘respectable cream-lickers’ to break up Gato Nostro crimelord Tabby Tonelli’s racket of snatching gentle, comely female housecats to sell into prostitution abroad.
Der Fluch der Weißen Katze: Ein Katzenkrimi mit Manx McCatty
Bastei Lübbe Verlag
Sequel to The Big Scratch, thus far published only in Germany.

Richardson, Bill

Waiting for Gertrude: A Graveyard Gothic
Illus. by Bill Pechet
Douglas & McIntyre
October 2001
[vi] + 184 p.
Celebrities buried in Paris’ famous Père-Lachaise cemetary (Chopin, Bizet, Oscar Wilde, Proust, many others) are reborn as the feral cats in the cemetary. They continue their intellectual lives in cat bodies. Alice B. Toklas feeds the cats aphrodesiacs to increase the kittens so Gertrude Stein will be reincarnated.

Rogers, Mark E.

The Samurai Cat series
The Adventures of Samurai Cat
Illus. by the author
Donald M. Grant, Publisher
May 1984
1 vol. [128 p]
Mighty Miaowara Tomokato quests throughout the world (with his bratty nephew Shiro) for vengeance against the slayers of his lord. His exploits are parodies of stereotypical adventure fantasy: Tolkien, Lovecraft, Howard, the Norse Ragnarok.
More Adventures of Samurai Cat
Illus. by the author
Tor Books
Nov 1986
127 p.
Tomokato’s continued quest leads him into parodies of Arthurian England (with an ‘Indiana Jones’), Burroughs’ Barsoom, and Star Wars. Tomokato’s brother Shimura, sister-in-law Hanako, and nephews Shiro, Huki, Duki, Luki, & Agamemnon briefly reappear.
Samurai Cat in the Real World
Illus. by the author
Tor Books
Oct 1989
128 p.
Tomokato and Shiro get involved in Prohibition-Chicago gangland wars; in helping Santa Claus lead a commando raid into Berlin, Xmas eve, 1944; and in the triple-cross werewolf killings of Stalin, Beria, & Hitler[!] in Moscow, 1953.
The Sword of Samurai Cat
Illus. by the author
Tor Books
Apr 1991
307 p.
Tomokato and Shiro’s trail of vengeance leads them to movie parodies: carnivorous zombie-mob flicks, Stephen King adaptations, Indiana Jones, sci-fi evil vegetables (pods & triffids), and generic sleazy Tinseltown mega-studio production practices.
Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies
Illus. by the author
Tor Books
Oct 1994
286 p.
Tomokato and Shiro segue into ultra-violent combo-parodies: The Wizard of Oz + Mad Max; ‘The Magnificent Seven Samurai Cats’ + spaghetti Westerns; Alien + third-season Star Trek; It’s a Wonderful Life + Terminator-style killer-robot sci-fi.
Samurai Cat Goes to Hell
Illus. by the author
Tor Books
Jun 1998
317 p.
Tomokato and Shiro and Genghis Khan’s horde mutually slaughter each other and end up on different levels of Dante’s Inferno. Tomokato seeks to slay Satan, while Shiro just wants to escape. Among the characters they meet in their pun-filled adventures are Ubersaurus Rex’s Nazi tyrannosaur troops, and Shiro’s family.

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Said, S. F.

Varjak Paw
Illus. by Dave McKean
David Fickling Books
Jan 2003
256 p.
Varjak Paw is a pedigreed Mesapotamian Blue cat living with his family in the home of the Contessa. When an ominous Gentleman takes over the house, Varjak must journey into the city and learn to live and fight among the feral alley cats while seeking a dog powerful enough to defeat the Gentleman and his deadly cats.
The Outlaw Varjak Paw
Illus. by Dave McKean
David Fickling Books
Nov 2005
266 p.
Varjak Paw and his alley cat friends Holly & Tam are content to live free by themselves. But brutal Sally Bones forces all the feral cats in the city to join her gang, and proclaims Varjak Paw an outlaw for refusing to accept her rule. Varjak finds himself the inadvertent leader of all the rebel free cats.

Sarrantonio, Al

The Haydn of Mars trilogy
Haydn of Mars
Ace Books
Dec 2004
262 p.
Mars is inhabited by evolved cats millions of years in the future. Haydn, daughter of the last king, is threatened when the F’rar clan proclaims their leader Frane the new queen. During Haydn’s flight to her supporters, she learns that Mars’ terraforming is breaking down and the planet may soon become lifeless.
Sebastian of Mars
Ace Books
Oct 2005
214 p.
A generation later, Haydn’s son Sebastian is crowned; but Frane leads a new rebellion. Sebastian, a sickly youth, flees in disguise. Among the new friends he finds are the Downers, who live in caverns under Olympus Mons and look like feline Morlocks. The Science Guild supports him when he promises to help them restore Mars’ atmosphere.
Queen of Mars
Ace Books
Jun 2006
232 p.
Clara, granddaughter of Haydn, is ready to assume Mars’ throne, but Frane strikes again. Clara must rebuild her loyalist forces while disguised as a farmer, with some old supporters and Copernicus, the protégé of the Science Guild. Frane has a doomsday weapon and threatens to destroy Mars if she cannot rule it.

Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg

The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat
Alfred A. Knopf
Sep 1997
166 p.
The autobiography of a normal suburban housecat. Foudini reports conversations and some planning with the other family pets, Sam the dog and Grace the Cat. He has dream conversations with Snow White’s cat and Freud’s cat.

Shetterly, Will

Tom Doherty Associates/Tor Books
Jun 2000
285 p.
Human P.I. Chase Maxwell is hired by bioengineered Jaguar girl Zoe Domingo to find who murdered Zoe’s owner, a Machine Intelligence expert involved in the chimera (artificial animal people) rights movement. A hard-boiled thriller set in an explosive 21st-century America facing a human-chimera-AI civil war.

Smith, Agnes

An Edge of the Forest
Decorations by Roberta Moynihan
Viking Press
Apr 1959
192 p.
A lyrical, rather Kiplingesque story of a young leopardess who adopts an orphaned lamb for reasons of her own, with the aid of an exasperated owl and a frightened doe, and how this comes to affect the lives of all the animals in an ancient forest.

Smith, Cordwainer (pseudonym of Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger)

The Planet Buyer
Pyramid Books
Oct 1964
156 p.
Rod McBan the 151st, the richest boy in the galaxy, must flee from Norstrilia to Old Old Earth to escape a deadly enemy. He is disguised as a cat-man, one of the bioengineered animal Underpeople who are the new enslaved working classes.
The Underpeople
Pyramid Books
Nov 1968
159 p.
Rod McBan is disguised as the mate of C’Mell, the most beautiful girlygirl serving the human Lords. Rod learns that she is really an agent for an illegal civil rights movement for the Underpeople. Various bear-men, dog-men, and others are met.
Ballantine/del Rey Books
Feb 1975
277 p.
The original 1960 version of the novel first published in two parts as The Planet Buyer and The Underpeople.

Smith, Nick

Milk Treading
Luath Press Ltd.
May 2002
196 p.
Julius Kyle, reporter & mystery novelist in the feline city of Bast, is asked by Moira Marti to save her brother from the Wildcat street gang. Julius discovers a conspiracy to create a crime wave and blame it on dogs. When he exposes the plot despite a coverup by the city’s leaders, Bast explodes into violence.
The Kitty Killer Cult
Luath Press Ltd.
Oct 2004
192 p.
In Julius Kyle’s novel, someone is killing cats all over Nub City. Washed-up P.I. Tiger Straight is asked by Connie Hant to catch her brothers’ killers. Two rival sleuths confuse the scene; dilettante amateur detective Cole Tiddle, and Inspector Bix Mortis, the token mouse on Nub City’s feline police force.

Stevenson, Florence

New American Library
Apr 1968
179 p.
Rich Miss Margaret Brewster leaves everything to her cat Ophelia. Lawyer Daniel Dillon kills the cat, who is transformed into a beautiful woman. Feigning amnesia, Ophelia becomes a femme fatale playing off Daniel against Miss Margaret’s next heir, innocent nephew Julian Brewster, to regain possession of her home.

Stewart, Linda

The Sam the Cat Mysteries series
Sam the Cat: Detective
Scholastic, Inc.
Feb 1993
130 p.
Skillful pastiche of Chandleresque P.I. style. When three flats in a New York apartment house are robbed, housecat Sugary hires Sam, resident cat of a mystery-theme bookshop, to find the real human burglar to keep Max, the custodian (and friend of all the local cats) from being framed. An MWA Edgar Award nominee.
The Big Catnap: A Sam the Cat Mystery
Cheshire House Books
Aug 2000
136 p.
Sandy, a star of TV catfood commercials, disappears. There are two human suspects; one demands a ransom while the other wants to replace Sandy with his own cat actor. Sam must find which is the actual kidnapper, and enlist the help of the neighborhood cats to rescue Sandy before the villain can dispose of him.
The Maltese Kitten
Cheshire House Books
Dec 2002
135 p.
Sexy, slinkly Miss Wonderful asks Sam to retrieve her beloved kitten whom her human companion gave away for adoption. Sam guesses the truth is more complex when the trail leads to burglarized houses, unconscious humans lying next to empty cat carriers, and a tough cat gang orders Sam to drop the case.

Swann, S. Andrew (pseudonym of Steven Swiniarski)

The Moreau series
Forests of the Night
DAW Books
Jul 1993
284 p.
In the mid-21st century, ‘moreaus’ (bioengineered animal people) are the new lower classes. Nohar Rajasthan, a cynical tiger private detective in Cleveland’s moreau ghetto, gets involved in a deadly murder mystery and romance with a human.
Fearful Symmetries; The Return of Nohar Rajasthan
DAW Books
Apr 1999
280 p.
Rajasthan, the long-retired tiger P.I., is asked to find a missing felinoid teen. He refuses, but his home is firebombed. Rajasthan must find Manuel to learn who wants him and all associated with him dead, and is willing to commit genocide on the whole ’morph population of Los Angeles to get them.

Swiniarski, Steven

Author who writes under the pen-name of S. Andrew Swann

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Taiz, Lincoln, & Taiz, Lee

Libra, the Cat Who Saved Silicon Valley
Illus. by Lee Taiz
Music CD featuring Amanda Shelby & the AmSea Group
AmSea Group Publishing
Dec 2002
x + 326 p. + music CD
Commander Libra Shimagrimica of the planet of cats, Gatos, and her intelligent spaceship Voca come to Earth on a scouting mission. Voca is damaged, and Libra has to educate two Earth cats, Hank & Pinny, and save their human companions Adele & Cathy Cameron of Cameron Computers from a deadly takeover by Dogma Computer Co., to repair Voca to return home.

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Westall, Robert

The Cats of Seroster
Macmillan Children’s Books
Oct 1984
288 p.
A sullen medieval European city is inhabited by men and Miw, telepathic golden cats who worship an Egyptian god. When a sadistic, cat-hating usurper seizes the city, the Miw (led by Sehtek, Smerdis, and Amon) must turn a young human, Cam, into a hero to overthrow him.

Williams, Tad

Tailchaser’s Song
Map by the author
DAW Books
Nov 1985
333 p.
Cats are disappearing or being hideously slain. Fritti Tailchaser and Pounce-quick, a young tom and a kitten, venture forth to find Tailchaser’s missing friend. They and a mad cat, Eatbugs, find and battle demon cats from feline mythology.

Willits, Malcolm

Shakespeare’s Cat: A Play in Three Acts
Illus. by Bonnie Callahan
Hypostyle Hall
Sep 2004, [vi] + 117 + [i] p.
A play in Shakespearean blank verse. When old Amelia Carson dies and leaves her fortune to her pet cats, greedy humans attack. Cat Collette escapes to Twilight Town, a slum home of abandoned cats and dogs, and persuades brave Tomcat to join her surrealistic quest to find Shakespeare’s Cat who can save the Carson cats.

Wilson, A. N.

Walker Books Ltd.
Apr 1987, 176 p.
Pufftail (but he rejects any human-assigned name), an old British urban cat, tells his grandkit his life story, from pampered kitten to castout, to dominated member of an alley pack, then a test subject in a brutal animal experimental lab, finally an independent stray.

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Yermakov, Nikolai

Author who writes under the pen-name of Simon Hawke

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