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The cover of Anthro #1
Poster: 18" x 18" / 46 cm x 46 cm

LEOMORPHIC DA VINCI by Cubist, in association with

Leomorphic da Vinci
by Cubist

What if Leonardo had been a bit… different?

STRAIGHTAWAY! by Lucius Appaloosius, in association with
The cover of Anthro #2
Poster: 16" x 21" / 41 cm x 53 cm
by Lucius Appaloosius

Inspired by the art of Leroy Neiman

From Anthro #3
Poster: 15" x 19" / 38 cm x 48 cm

DARK MOON by Cubist, in association with

Dark Moon
by Cubist

Created to accompany Tom Zimmerman’s poem In Dappled Darkness Something Waits For Me

Graphic Descriptions
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