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The Quintaglio Ascension trilogy,
by Robert J. Sawyer

Am / BN / Al / Pw

Fossil Hunter
Am / BN / Al / Pw

Am / BN / Al / Pw

Telzey Amberdon
by James H. Schmitz
Am / BN / Al / Pw

Twisted Cat Tales
edited by Esther Schrader
Am / BN / Al / Pw

The Pig Scrolls
by Paul Shipton
Am / BN / Al / Pw

Prehistrionics: Ozy and Millie (1997-2000),
by D. C. Simpson
Am / BN / Al / Pw

by Olaf Stapledon
Am / BN / Al / Pw

Common and Precious,
by Tim Susman
Am / BN / Al / Pw

Digger, Vol. 1

by Ursula Vernon

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