Name of setting Metamor Keep, aka MK
Basic premise

Military spellcasting has lasting effects on a strategically important valley

Where to find MK stories

Metamor Keep home page

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Who’s in charge

Copernicus has delegated to Christian O’Kane the right to declare any concepts or characters unsuitable for MK

Setting is open to

Anyone who wants to write in it
Other information

   Metamor Keep is a fairly typical fantasy setting; there are a number of very active deities, magic is strong and reasonably common, global culture and technology are roughly medieval, and certain nations are clearly Good while others are clearly Evil. Metamor Keep proper (which the setting is named after) is a military fortification built to defend one of the Good nations against its most Evil neighbor, a country ruled by an evil sorcerer named Nasoj.
   One day, Nasoj’s forces mounted a serious attack on the Keep, including a trio of curses designed to completely neutralize its defenders. One of these curses was meant to reduce its victims to helpless babes; another, to brute animals; and the third, to uncontrollably oversexed members of the opposite gender. Fortunately, the Keep’s own sorcerors managed to blunt the force of this magical assault. The effects of Nasoj’s curses were still felt, but sufficiently reduced that their victims remained able to fight back. Ever since that battle, anyone who spends more than a week or two within a day’s ride of the Keep will fall victim to a weakened version of one of the three curses, becoming either a child (not a baby), a member of the opposite sex (not an insatiable sex fiend), or a human/animal hybrid creature (not losing such human traits as intelligence, hands, or voice).

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