Name of setting Winds of Change, aka WoC
Basic premise

All humans transform into anthropomorphic hybrids at puberty

Where to find WOC stories

Winds of Change Archive

Created by

Jon Sleeper

Who’s in charge

Mr. Sleeper reserves the right to declare any concepts or characters unsuitable for WoC

Setting is open to

Anyone who wants to write in it
Other information

   In the Winds of Change setting, two parallel universes—one inhabited by humans, the other by anthropomorphic sentients of various types—collided and fused. As a result, every human being transforms into some sort of half-human/half-something-else creature when they hit puberty. The physical laws of the fused universe are quirky enough that about 2/3 of all humans acquire superhero-ish powers when they transform.
   WoC is a fundamentally benign setting. Its history, and/or the cosmic fusion, mean that a number of problems which cause grief in the Real World are either solved or inapplicable. Many WoC stories are ‘coming of age’ tales which explore how a young person deals with their impending transformation

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