Name of setting Xanadu
Basic premise

Costume-wearers become the characters they portray

Where to find Xanadu stories

ShadowWolf’s Xanadu archive

Created by

Bryan Derksen

Who’s in charge

Bryan Derksen has the right to declare any concepts or characters unsuitable for Xanadu

Setting is open to

Anyone who wants to write in it
Other information

   The setting’s focal point is a costumers’ convention named Kubla Con, which is held in different host facilities each year; by tradition, each such facility is referred to as ‘Xanadu’ for the con’s duration. One year, Kubla Con was enlivened by an unexplained—and unexplainable—event: At a moment just before the first set of awards was to be handed out, every costume-wearing person within the convention grounds was somehow transformed into whatever entity their costume portrayed.
   The transformation is a ‘what you conceive of is what you get’ kind of deal; whatever you know about the character you’re dressed as becomes true, regardless of what that character is ‘really’ like.

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