ANTHRO #6: Table of contents


The Survivor
by Michæl W. Bard
He thought the Universe couldn’t break him

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Assassins
by Corvus and ShadowWolf
[BAFH] It’s only fun until someone dies; then it’s hilarious

A Midsummer Night’s Dawn
by Jarrod Henry
Truth hurts, but so do other things…

A Tale of Sand and Ice / Part 2
by Charles Matthias
[MK] In which our heroes battle weather—and their pursuers

Love’s Memory
by Chaka Wolf
Maybe you can go home again..?


The Red King’s Dream
by Wanderer Werewolf
Nohow Contrariwise: Towards a typology of narrative classes


From the Editor’s Maw
by Quentin Long
It Came From the In-Box: What’s in the mailbag today?

Through the Looking-Glass
by Michæl W. Bard
This Thing Called Furry: A question of definitions


Zebra Girl
by Joe England
Triumph and… something…


A New Fox to His Wife
by Slyford T. Rabbit
This above all: To thine own self be true…


Fred Patten reviews…

Tofu Knights
The collected 2004-2005 strips of netcomic
Ozy and Millie

Black Iron
A tale of honor and heroism set in the
Ironclaw universe

Magic Tails and
Twisted Cat Tails
Two feline-centric anthologies

The Pig Scrolls,
by Gryllus the Pig

After Circe turns you into a pig… then what?

New Coyote
A Native American myth meets modern civilization

A Forest Tales Story

An introduction to Bernard Doove’s Chakat setting


Some Notes on Lifeform Omega
by Kris Schnee
So how do you design the ultimate living creature?


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