ANTHRO #13: Stories index

 Michæl W. Bard Fighting the Change

When the world changes, some things remain the same / A story in the WoC shared-world setting

 Michæl W. Bard Fork in the Road

Any frontier (especially out in orbit) is a moving target / Part 2 of 3

 Duncan Cougar Running Wild

and Quentin Long

“This above all: To thine own self be true”—but what if you don’t know your own self? / The sixth chapter of a serial in the TBP shared-world setting

 Sean M. Foster Within the Wheel of Wickedness

Pity the truly superior person in a land of degenerates

 Bret Jordan Bank Robbery

Bleakwood, Texas is a town full of mighty fine people, it surely is

 Slyford T. Rabbit Foxtails

Life was never what Austin made it… until now

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