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A Bibliography of Feline Fantasy & SF Novels for Adults
Compiled by Fred Patten

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This is a list of adult novels, and those Young Adult novels that are mature enough that adults will enjoy reading them, which feature intelligent/talking cats. They range from fantasies with talking ‘natural’ cats to science-fiction novels about felinoid aliens and bioengineered intelligent cats.

Not included are novels in which intelligent cats are only minor background characters, or SF novels with alien cats that are not anthropomorphized such as Alan Dean Foster’s Cat-A-Lyst and Jack Lovejoy’s Outworld Cats, or “cat lovers’ mystery” novels in which the cats are normal cats which do not detect. (Koko, in Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who series, may be an abnormal cat, but he is not an anthropomorphized cat.) Also omitted are the many anthologies of cat fantasy or mystery short stories, since usually less than 50% of those stories feature intelligent cats.

These listings are of first editions; many of the titles are out-of-print. When a book is currently available, its title is an link via which that current edition may be purchased, if desired.

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Aiken, Joy Smith
Solo’s Journey
Map by Scot Aiken
Nov 1987
255 p.
Solo is a gifted kit in a Quorum of feral alley cats. After he becomes its leading Dom, he has a vision that the ferals must end their dependence upon the Owners, move into the wilderness, and learn self-sufficiency to become truly independent.

Alton, Andrea I.

Demon of Undoing
Map by Scot Aiken
Baen Books
Jun 1988
308 p.
Fenobar is a prince of Clan Fen on a planet of fierce felinoid warriors, but his crippled arm makes him an outcast. He is forced to make friends with Sig, a despised human, and learn from him to rely on wits rather than battle frenzy.

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Babson, Marian

Nine Lives to Murder
HarperCollins/Collins Crime Club
Oct 1992
188 p.
Famous actor Winstanley Fortescue falls on the theatre’s cat, Monty, when someone tries to kill him, and the man’s & cat’s minds become switched. Win must investigate his attempted murder while in the cat’s body, while his own body with the cat’s mind causes embarrassing problems.

Beese, P. J. & Hamilton, Todd Cameron

The Guardsman
Pageant Books
Jul 1988
313 p.
Ki Lawwnum, a Lionman from the planet Nide, is commander of the Imperial Guard of the human Interstellar Empire. He must balance his personal oath to protect the Emperor against the good of the Empire as Emperor Ozenscebo degenerates into an insane pervert.

Bell, Clare

Tomorrow’s Sphinx
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Nov 1986
292 p.
Kichebo, a cheetah of unusual intelligence and black coloring in a future devastated Egypt, achieves mental contact through space with humans who have abandoned Earth, and time, to Asu-Kheknemt, royal hunting cheetah of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.
The Ratha series
Ratha’s Creature
Mar 1983
259 p.
25,000,000 years ago, a tribe of cougar-like cats develops speech and domesticates food animals. But unintelligent feral cats outnumber & threaten them. Ratha is outcast for questioning the elders, but she returns to save the clan with fire.
Clan Ground
Oct 1984
258 p.
Ratha has become the new clan leader of the Named, and taught the cats to use fire. She allows an intelligent feral cat to join the clan. The charismatic Shongshar persuades the cats to turn fire from a tool into a god, with him as High Priest, overthrowing Ratha.
Ratha and Thistle-Chaser
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Apr 1990
232 p.
When the Named migrate to a new home, they find a lone feral cat who turns out to be Thistle-chaser, Ratha’s cub who was abandoned because she was believed unintelligent. Is she really? If she is smart, will Ratha admit she made a mistake?
Ratha’s Challenge
Mar 1983
259 p.
The Named come into conflict with mind-linked cougars controlled by their dominant personality, True-of-voice. Thistle can tune in to their group mind. Ratha must decide if Thistle can help both clans, or if she is now under True-of-voice’s influence.
Ratha’s Courage
Firebird Books/Viking Penguin
Spring (?) 2007
??? p.
Not yet published.

Betancourt, John

Popular Library/Questar
Oct 1990
197 p.
In a decadent future, people have themselves bioengineered into animalforms such as dogmen, catmen, and others to create new urban tribes. Slasher, Hangman, and Jeffy are three catmen thrill-criminals who specialize in robbing dogmen.

Bottriell, Lena Godsall

Umbulala: Through the Eyes of a Leopard
Artwork: Paul Bottriell
Photoprints: Paul Bottriell & Lena Godsall Bottriell
Questech Productions, Ltd.
Nov 1993
vi + 214 p.
A Kiplingesque tale of Umbulala, the black leopard; of his birth to Ingwe the spotted leopardess; his happy cubhood with sisters Sibindi and Kusasa; his blood feud with Kosi, the crippled lion; his assumption of lordship of the African bush; his mating with leopardess Tola and the start of a new generation.

Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Brown

The Mrs. Murphy Mystery series
Wish You Were Here
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1990
242 p.
Mary Haristeen (Harry), postmistress of Crozet, Virginia, investigates a series of grisly murders. Mrs. Murphy, Harry’s gray tiger cat, and Tee Tucker, her Welsh Corgi, with Pewter, the grocer’s fat cat, discuss the crimes and conduct their own investigation to save Harry from the killer. Other talking animals appear briefly.
Rest in Pieces
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Sep 1992
292 p.
Harry, Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker, and Pewter investigate two murders including one with a dismembered corpse. New talking animals include Paddy, Mrs. Murphy’s tomcat ‘ex-husband’; Simon the opossum; an owl; others. Mrs. Murphy tells cat ghost stories to two kittens. The animals save Harry from the murderer.
Murder at Monticello; or, Old Sins
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1994
[x] + 298 p.
Harry Haristeen investigates a 190-year-old murder at Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, and the modern murders resulting from discovery of the body. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker and Pewter accompany her. Paddy finds an important clue in a fireplace. Other talking animals appear briefly.
Pay Dirt; or, Adventures at Ash Lawn
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1995
251 p.
Harry is at Ash Lawn, estate of James Monroe, when a surly biker menaces the staff. The biker is soon killed; the first in a series of murders that move to Crozet. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker, and Pewter unobtrusively call Harry’s attention to clues. Murphy and Tucker save Harry from the killer.
Murder She Meowed
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Dec 1996
x + 285 p.
Steeplechase racing leads to murdered jockeys. In the background of the human investigation, Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker, Pewter and Paddy question cats Rodger Dodger and Pusskin, and three racehorses. Other animals who give information include barn mice led by Loulou, a Jack Russell terrier, and a heron.
Murder on the Prowl
Illus. by Wendy Wray
Bantam Books
Apr 1998
320 p.
Harry Haristeen investigates when practical-joke phony newspaper obituaries turn into real murders. The two cats and the corgi also investigate in the background. Other talking animals appearing briefly include Simon the opossum, Winston the bulldog, Tee Tucker’s brother Owen Tudor, three horses, a fox and a bobcat.
Cat on the Scent
Illus. by Itoko Maeno
Bantam Books
Mar 1999
321 p.
A pilot and his plane disappear, and a participant in a Civil War battle reenactment is shot with real bullets. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter fetch clues to Harry. The animals save the life of a man shot in his car by driving it to safety, the dog on the gas pedal while the two cats twist the steering wheel.
Pawing Through the Past
Illus. by Itoko Maeno
Bantam Books
May 2000
305 p.
Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter investigate (and find bodies) and kibitz the humans’ investigations as the gathering of old classmates for Crozet High’s two combined class reunions sets off murders. Other talking animals appear briefly: Poptart the horse; Flatface the owl; singing barn mice.
Claws and Effect
Illus. by Itoko Maeno
Bantam Books
Mar 2001
292 p.
A murder at the Crozet Hospital sets off a chain of staff intrigue and violent deaths that involve Harry Haristeen. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter find clues and hidden rooms in the old building. The two cats and dog briefly discuss riding to hounds with two horses, Gin Fizz and Poptart.
Catch as Cat Can
Illus. by Michel Gellatly
Bantam Books
Mar 2002
[3] + 287 + [2] p.
Harry, with the unsuspected help of Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter, investigates three murders centered around the Crozet salvage yard. The two cats & dog talk with vicious Pope Rat, Abraham the courtly hound, the three horses Gin Fizz, Poptart & Tomahawk, two mice, a blue jay & an owl, and Simon the opossum.
The Tail of the Tip-Off
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Mar 2003
[2] + 309 + [1] p.
Harry Haristeen investigates two new murders while Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter watch to protect her from the killer. New talking animals are Reverend Herb Jones’ cats Cazenovia & Elocution; Brinkley, a young Labrador Retriever new to Crozet; two Yankee dogs passing through and a nameless hawk.
Whisker of Evil
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Feb 2004
xiii + 297 + [1] p.
Rabies may be a murder weapon. Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter converse with the cats Cazenovia & Elocution, the dog Brinkley, Harry Haristeen’s horses, Simon the possum, and new talking animals Flatface the owl, barn mice Arthur & Martha, swallows Madison & Thelma, a nameless vixen & her cubs, a bluejay, and others.
Cat's Eyewitness
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Apr 2005
xi + 287 + [3] p.
A statue of the Virgin Mary that cries tears of real blood leads to murder at a monastery in the Blue Ridge mountains. Harry Haristeen investigates, aided by Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter. Other animals with small talking roles are barn mice, a cardinal, Tee’s brother Owen, the cats Cazenovia & Elocution.
Sour Puss
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Mar 2006
xvi + 246 + [3] p.
Harry Haristeen remarries her former husband Fair. An attempt to start wine vineyards in Crozet leads to murders. Talking animals besides Mrs. Murphy, Tee Tucker & Pewter include Flatface (owl), Simon (possum), Matilda (blacksnake), Owen (tee’s brother), cats Cazenovia, Elocution & Lucy Fur, Martha & Arthur (mice), Jed (donkey), and numerous unnamed wild animals and birds.
Puss ’n Cahoots
Illus. by Michael Gellatly
Bantam Books
Feb 2007
??? p.
Not yet published.

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Carter, Brian

In the Long Dark
Map by the author
Century Hutchinson Ltd.
Nov 1989
viii + 243 p.
The conflict between two prides of feral cats in a coastal English town is told in terms of street gang warfare. Silver’s laid-back, loose-knit community of toms and shes is suddenly besieged by the sadistic Shadow mob led by psychotic Skeets. Ben, Scarnose, Dancer, Smiley, Lucy, and others in both gangs are personified.

Cary, Kate & Baldry, Cherith

Authors who collaborate under the pen-name of Erin Hunter

Cherryh, C. J.

The Compact Space/Chanur/Hani series
The Pride of Chanur
Star map by David A. Cherry
DAW Books
Jan 1982
224 p.
Pyanfar Chanur, captain of The Pride of Chanur, a ship of the lion-like hani, meets Tully, of an unknown species (human), fleeing murderous kif slavers at a galactic trading station. She helps him, touching off a deadly interstellar confrontation.
Chanur’s Venture
Star map by David A. Cherry
Phantasia Press
Sep 1984
201 p.
Tully returns, offering Pyanfar an exclusive trading contract with humanity. This could bring great prestige to the lowly Chanur clan, or it could get them crushed by more powerful hani rivals, or other galactics including the revenge-seeking kif.
The Kif Strike Back
Star map by David A. Cherry
Phantasia Press
Apr 1985
294 p.
When the kif seize Tully, and Hilfy of the Pride’s crew, Pyanfar and her shipmates lead a raid to rescue them, which involves them in kif politics and a new multispecies crisis which threatens to destroy the balance of power in Compact Space.
Chanur’s Homecoming
Star map by David A. Cherry
Phantasia Press
Jul 1986
312 p.
With an interstellar war looming, Pyanfar is forced to ally the Pride with a faction of the kif, the hani’s traditional enemy, which could ruin the Chanur clan’s status. A return to her homeworld, Anuurn, shows the hani’s natural society and politics.
Chanur’s Legacy
Star map by David A. Cherry
DAW Books
Aug 1992
386 p.
10 years later, Hilfy is captain of her own ship, Chanur’s Legacy, but she chafes at remaining in the shadow of her now-famous aunt Pyanfar. A risky attempt to make her own reputation plunges the Legacy into a new maelstrom of galactic politics.
The Chanur Saga
Front. by Michael Whelan
Star map by David A. Cherry
DAW Books
May 2000
685 p.
Combined edition of the first three novels: The Pride of Chanur, Chanur’s Venture, and The Kif Strike Back.

Coney, Michael

Cat Karina
Ace Books
Aug 1982
294 p.
In the year 122,640 Cyclic, a decadent semi-pastoral Earth society is shared by True Humans and Specialists, humans with bioengineered animal genes. Karina, daughter of El Tigre, a leader among the felinas, gets involved in her father’s revolution to keep the True Humans from dominating the Specialists.

Cox, A. B.

The Professor on Paws
W. Collins & Sons
Jul 1926
vii + 306 p.
The ‘essential portions’ of Prof. Ridgeley’s brain-tissue are surgically transplanted into a cat by Prof. Cantrell. The cat has Ridgeley’s mind and can talk. A farce in which the cat is battled over by Prof. Cantrell, who wants scientific fame, and the Prof.’s daughter & her fiancée who hope to persuade him to help them make a fortune with a ‘marvel cat’ music-hall act.

Cregar, Elyse

Feline Online: What Happens When a Smart Cat Surfs the Internet?
Tamerac Publishing Co.
Jun 2001
[iv] + 150 p.
Tarzan, a Siamese cat belonging to Amanda, an elderly seamstress, is enabled to read and write by the goddess Bastet, as the first in Bastet’s plan to persuade humans to return to the worship of cats. Tarzan’s secret use of Amanda’s computer and e-mail causes unexpected problems for Amanda and her human friends.

Crowley, John

Sep 1976
184 p.
21st-century America collapses into anarchy. Among those caught in the scheming to control the shattered country are humans; leos (bioengineered human-lion hybrids); Reynard, a lone experimental fox-man; and Sweets, an intelligent dog.

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