ANTHRO: Site map

   This page is a collection of pointers to all parts of Anthro—including those parts that are not so obvious as one might prefer. But even if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you might still find Anthro’s search engine to be helpful:

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Pointers to all of Anthro’s content
Everything All-inclusive index of everything that’s ever appeared in Anthro
Articles Index covering the entirety of Anthro’s fact articles
Columns Find any Anthro column in any issue
Comics All of Anthro’s webcomics
Editorials Every Anthro editorial
Interviews Index covering all the fiction
Reviews Comprehensive index to Anthro’s reviews
Poetry Index covering all the poetry
Stories Index covering all the fiction
Archives One-click access to any back issue
Links Some furry links you might enjoy
News Keeping you up to date on furry events (conventions, etc)

Anthro Library
A collection of valuable reference works

The Library proper The ‘hub’; one-click access to any and every wing of the Library. Since the Library wings are rather large files, we’ve provided them in two forms; complete (for people on DSL or better), and in sections (for people on dialup)
Bibliography of Feline Fiction
DSL / dialup
An extensive listing of cat-focused novels, compiled by Fred Patten
The Yarf! Reviews
DSL / dialup
The complete set of every review Fred Patten ever wrote for the late (and much-lamented) furzine, Yarf!
Ultimate Anthro Checklist
DSL / dialup
Our ‘work in progress’ listing of every existing furry book. Feel free to help us improve it!

For those who’d like to spread the word of Anthro

Link graphics Professional-quality images that you can download and use in your own website(s)
Flyers High-resolution graphics for you to download, print out, and take along with you to the next convention you attend

Useful/interesting behind-the-scenes data

Colophon Information on creating the zine; the tools used, and the person who uses those tools
Feedback Where to send emails of comment
Editorial guidelines Vitally important data for anyone interested in writing or drawing for Anthro
Contract and
Sales release
The release Anthro asks you to sign before your work can appear in the zine
Ad policy What you should know about advertising with Anthro

Help ensure Anthro’s continued existence

Subscribe Anyone who enjoys Anthro can make a lasting contribution to the zine…
Music …and how would you like a mini-CD of original music?
Donate If long-term entanglements aren’t your bag, you might prefer to make a one-shot donation and be done with it
Purchase art Want to see your favorite Anthro art on a poster or T-shirt—or something else entirely? If so, this is for you!
Buy books For your reading pleasure: Hundreds of Anthro-recommended works of high quality furry fiction
Mall An extensive range of furry products—shoes, coasters, T-shirts, keychains, etc etc—each one specially selected from’s mind-bogglingly huge inventory
Useful stuff If you were planning to buy a particular thing anyway, why not get it from someone who’ll send Anthro a bit of cash?

Anthro Press
The zine’s ink-on-paper publishing arm

ANTHRO Press An up-to-date showcase that displays everything ANTHRO Press has to offer
ANTHROlogy One (book) Virtually everything that appeared in the zine’s first six issues, collected up into one 602-page omnibus volume
The Human Memoirs (book) G. Howell’s world-renowned novel of a stranger in a very strange land—in print for the first time!
Freedom City (font) A distinctive display font, inspired by the works of Phil Geusz, one of Anthro’s finest authors

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